XK X252 Shuttle Full Review – Fun to fly but for experience flyers only

Here is my full review of the XK X252 Shuttle, an intimidatingly powerful Quad that is fun to fly but is not really easy to control.

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  • Very Quick Responsive and the Burshless motors (1804) works great
  • Durable Frame, I had crashed this drone many times and still no major damage
  • 3D or 6G Mode Switch, 6G mode is for more stable flight, 3D for Acrobatic or stunt mode
  • 100% Gyroscope Mode is stable
  • 10 minutes flight time
  • Full manual quad
  • 5.8GHz FPV Monitor
  • Good Battery life (8 – 10 minutes on average) – 950mAh

Some Cons:

  • For experienced flyers, very difficult to fly
  • Throttle is a bit finicky, you can easily loose altitude suddenly
  • Takes 2 hours to charge via Proprietary Charger

Fun Quad to fly, but needs more experience to fly

I admit, this quad is very difficult to fly. It is full manual and needs your attention all the time, you also don’t have the luxury of features like headless mode, one key return etc… And thus, this is for experienced flyers. If you are looking for an acrobatic quad, then I would highly recommend this quad, but for beginners, be wary that you will crash this most of the time.

Availability (May 24, 2017)

XK X252 Shuttle retails at $181 – Buy here

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