Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 or Xiaomi Mi Max 2 – Which is the better Mini Tablet?

If you on a market for a mini Tablet and have less than $300 dollars to spare, then you would likely hear about the Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 and the Xiaomi Mi Max 2. So, who is the better Tablet for daily use?

The Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 is the successor of the Mi Pad 2 and have chased iPad Mini through the years.
Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 retails at $229

(+) iPad Mini Clone
(+) Retina Display (20458 x 1536p Resolution
(+) Pure Tablet
(+) Great Connectivity (Dual Band WiFi support)
(+) Good Battery life
(+) Good performance of the loudspeaker

(-) Not a huge upgrade over the Mi Pad 2
(-) As of the moment, very unstable OS (Bugs, issues)
(-) Low End Chipset (Mediatek 8173)
(-) Gaming is average at best and does get warm
(-) Unstable performance in gaming, sometimes it works and sometimes it artifacts and lags
(-) Non Expandable Storage

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The Mi Pad 3, honestly isn’t an upgrade from the Mi Pad 2, more like a reboot with a different hardware, which is ironically not a huge improvement either. It would have been a great tablet, if the price was much lesser. The low end chipset, more commonly you see on less than $150 Tablets in the market, which I frowned upon. On the positive note, it still is a good multimedia tablet, the build quality is much better than most, the screen is good and the connectivity options are top notch. If only the hardware is a bit better.


The Xaomi Mi Max 2 technically it is a Phone/Phablet, but at 6.4 inches it is large enough to also be considered a tablet, and so far, I love this one a lot.
Xiaomi Mi Max 2 at $269

(+) 6.4 inch screen with a great 1080p Screen
(+) the 5300mAh battery offers 17 hours battery life (like wow)
(+) Decent Mid-tier Snapdragon 625 Octa Core Chipset, it delivers great performance and best efficiency
(+) Great gaming performance (can run 3D intensive games with no issues at 1080p)

(+) 4 GB RAM and 64 GB Storage with option for TF Card Expansion
(+) Great Connectivity and offers 4G LTE Support
(+) Awesome Camera, similar performance to the Xiaomi Mi6 (in stills or Photo mode)
(+) Much stable OS and runs apps without any issues
(+) Doesn’t overheat on gaming and runs cool most of the time

(-) it is smaller than Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 and not a pure Tablet
(-) It costs a bit more compared to the Xiaomi Mi Pad 3
(-) It only has a 1080p screen

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Well, you might be asking, why is the Mi Max 2 included here on the list. First of all, it is a giant phone, and I do consider it as a tablet due to its humongous 6.4 inch screen. And secondly, the phone itself is both a great Phone and Smartphone at the same time. Lastly, it has a Tablet size Battery, the 5300mAh underneath offers up to 17 hours of use, so basically it is a great all in one. The build quality is top notch, the camera performs similar to the Xiaomi Mi6 (at least for stills or Photos), and the performance is decent.

Other tablets to consider? 

Well there is also a good tablet you should take into account The Lenovo P8. It is a pure tablet that offers similar chipset and features to the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 but is a lot cheaper.
The Lenovo P8 retails at $159

  • Equipped with Snapdragon 625 and Adreno 506 chipset, Similar to the Xiaomi Mi Max 2
  • It comes with 8.0 inch IPS 1920 x 1200p Display
  • 3 GB RAM and 16 GB eMMC
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box
  • 4250mAh battery
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