Xiaomi Mi Air 12 Revisited – Aesthetics versus Performance

So how reliable is the Xiaomi Mi Air 12 and how did it fair being my daily driver for 3 months and still counting. Here are my impressions

The video below is my revisiting or re-reviewing of the Xiaomi Mi Air 12 and find out what I think about it, any issues or problems that might have appeared recently or is there any reliability issue with this Notebook.

So far, this is still the best laptop I have tested of 2016. Basically looking not just on performance but overall.

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Full Review here: Xiaomi Mi Air 12 Review

So what do I think of the Xiaomi Mi Air 12 after more than 3 months of use?

  • Aesthetically pleasing and one of the best build quality of any laptop of 2016
  • Keyboard and Touchpad stand the test of time, keys haven’t faded and performance is still 100%
  • Gorgeous 1080p Display, no dead pixels
  • Very good speakers, loud, clear and good range
  • Fast Connectivity with no issues on WiFi Performance
  • Maintains a constant 50°C even on gaming
  • Great for Mainstream gaming like LOL, CSGO, DOTA 2 etc…
  • Great Battery Life, can get through 6 hours on casual use

What limitations have I encountered?

  • Performance is below that of the Cube i7 Book especially on gaming and 100% CPU Usage
  • CPU clock downclocked to 1.5GHz on heavy use (underclocks to maintain temps at 50-55C
  • I still had to use inactivated version of Windows 10
  • Not recommended for Current 3D Intensive Games

Where you can get it? Get the Xiaomi Mi Air 12 at just $539

Full Review here: Xiaomi Mi Air 12 Review

Aesthetics versus Performance

Apparently, for Xiaomi, Looking good comes at a price. This is what I describe the Xiaomi Mi Air 12. The Xiaomi Mi Air on on word “Beautiful”, but underneath that is some underutilized Power and Performance. It’s sad really since, it is a really great laptop. The Keyboard and Touchpad is great, amazing display, great speakers, connectivity, you name it. It is an all in one laptop and a macbook killer I might assume. But the underclocking of the CPU is really annoying, which means you don’t get 100% all raw performance. On my earlier videos, It as the last on Video Encoding Performance and seriously lags behind compared to the Cube i7 Book. But a good thing is that it runs cool all the time. 30°C Idle, and around 50-55C on load is the best for any traveler. If you don’t need 100% performance all the time, and want an all around Notebook, then the Xiaomi Mi Air 12 is still the best choice.

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