Xiaomi Mi Air 12, Cube i7 Book and Cube i9 – Who is the fastest video encoding in Adobe Premier Pro CC

It’s seems like a dumb question, knowing that they all are powered by the same 6th Gen Skylake Core M3 Chipset. But the results will actually surprise you. Personally, i am rooting for the Xiaomi Mi Air 12.

Somebody asked me not too long ago, “What is the performance of the Xiaomi Mi Air 12, Cube i7 Book and Cube i9 in Adobe Premier Pro CC. This is for video encoding

Can you do video encoding? Yes of course, but how long does it take and is it enough, that is the fundamental question.

I am also curious, as I don’t normally do video encoding on these devices. Here are my test set up below

  • 4 minutes and 14 seconds (segmented video), 1080p @ 24fps
  • Adobe Premier Pro CC
  • RealTemp (to get temps and clock speed of the CPU during process)

The devices involved in this test are:

Xiaomi Mi Air 12, I am a bit bias on this because I just love this Laptop. Anyway here is the specs below

  • Intel Core M3-6Y30
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 128 GB Samsung SSD

Cube i7 Book is currently the most affordable/Cheapest Skylake Powered Ultrabook Yet

  • Intel Core M3-6Y30
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64 GB Foresee SSD

Cube i9, Surface Pro look alike Tablet


  • Intel Core M3-6Y30
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 128 GB Foresee SSD

The video below will show you who will win this match… Who are you rooting for? The Cheapest Cube i7 Book? The Surface Pro Clone Cube i9? Or perhaps the best Ultrabook of 2016, the Xiaomi Mi Air 12.

The test was done on segmented approach, mainly my explanation. Early phase (0-1 minute), Midphase (5 minutes, or stable clock and temps are determined) and Ending (Finish Encoding, time, CPU speed and temps at that time).

So, who won? Here is the results below.

Bet, you didn’t expect that, but the cheapest Skylake Cube i7 Book Tablet actually comes on top on this, it finished the 4 min 14 second 1080p Video Encoding at record time 8 mins and 49 seconds. One reason for this is the CPU ran at 1.99 or 2.0GHz all the way, no downclock, and this is on 100% full CPU use. But there one disadvantage, at the end of the encoding, the temps reached a whopping 90°C, which is already close to the threshold of 100°C. “That is Hot”, but you get 100% guaranteed performance. Anyway, what we are looking here is in terms of speed of Video Encoding using Adobe Premier Pro CC. The temp issues were actually the thermal design of the Cube i7 Book.

At 2nd place is the Cube i9, it finished the encoding at 9 minutes and 38 seconds, a minute later than the Cube i7 Book. What transpired is that the CPU was actually downclocked which started around 40 seconds into the test. From 1.99GHz, it downlocked to 1.7GHz, but the temps were at a stable 70-72°. A lot cooler and more acceptable temps compared to the Cube i7 Book. It was just a tad bit slower, but the results isn’t bad at all.

And last and also I was surprised on this, the Xiaomi Mi Air 12, finished it at 11 minutes and 27 seconds. Almost 3 minutes slower compared to the Cube i7 Book. What happened? Same with the Cube i9, the CPU downclocked at around 25 seconds. From 1.99 to 1.5GHz, That is a whopping 500MHz decrease in performance. Although when I tested it on Aida64, I didn’t see any Thermal Throttling, I think it is just the design of the CPU to remain at those Frequencies to maintain ideal temps.  On the mid-phase (5 minute mark) to the end of the Encoding, It ran at a constant 1.5GHz, but the temps are also at a cool 50°C throughout the test. Not the results you are looking for right? Me too…

Take note, that I could not disable CPU throttling of the Xiaomi Mi Air 12 and the Cube i9.

If you are wondering how the Intel Atom Cherry Trail X5-Z8350 performs on Adobe Premier Pro CC

So, how does the Cherry Trail compare to Skylake in terms of Video Encoding on Adobe Premier Pro?


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