Xiaomi Mi Air 12 CPU Throttling? – Explored

CPU Throttling is currently an issue of the Xiaomi Mi Air 12, so what is actually happening and what caused it? Is it because of Thermal issues? I just recently discovered that Xiaomi Mi Air 12 does CPU Throttle, and for the life of me, I could not solve it. I have made a short video below to illustrate how it happens.

Was it caused by Thermals? I mean at just 50-60°C, it’s still widely acceptable, the voltages are also good and compared to the Cube i7 Book, it is actually a bit lower. Anyway, Benchmarks only offer confusing results, and only noticeable when you use it on real world apps like Adobe Premier Pro CC as well as gaming test.

Benchmarks are unreliable in this case. Why? My several tries have gotten, confusing results, I mean, It did ran at optimal 1.99GHz on some tries without Throttling. But after repeating the test, it did throttle at later part of the Cinebench Benchmark test. Really Weird,

The Bios does not offer any settings, it is basic.

Most probably, the cause of the CPU Throttling is either on the Thermals/Voltages. I think Xiaomi designed it to maintain an ideal temps (50-55C).

So what about Gaming? Is there significant drop in FPS? Watch  the video above especially when compared to the Cube i7 Book on the Dota 2 test, it will reveal how much fps has dropped.

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