Teclast X98 Air III – comes with 64 GB Storage and Dual OS

The third installment of the widely popular Teclast X98 Air Family, a lot cheaper and comes with 64 GB more internal storage and Dual OS.

SpecsTeclast X98 Air III
ProcessorIntel Atom Z3735F 1.8GHz Bay Trail Quad Core
GPU: Intel HD Gen 7
MemoryRAM: 2 GB
ROM: 32 GB
MicroSD up to 128 GB
OSAndroid 5.0 Lollipop + Windows 10
Display9.7 inch, IPS
QXGA, 2048 x 1536 pixels
CamerasRear: 5.0 MP
Front: 2.0 MP
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, MicroUSB 2.0 (OTG), Mini HDMI
IO1 x Micro SD Slot
1x Mini HDMI
1x Micro USB 2.0
1x 3.5 mm Audio Port
Dimensions240 x 169 x 8.2 mm
Weight: 527 g

Teclast X98 Air III  (Updated Feb 26, 2016)
Teclast X98 Air III retails at $135
also available at EU Warehouse
also available 64 GB version

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Updated: Teclast X98 Air III will now feature 64 GB eMMC Storage and Dual OS (Windows 10 and Android 5.0)

The Teclast X98 Air III is basically a tone down and cheaper version of the X98 Air 3G. The looks and design share the same likeness to the X98 Air family, including the Teclast X98 Pro. The tablet is a bit slower, using the older Z3735F Bay Trail processor and Dual OS out of the box. Also included here is 2 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage.

A slower processor but still uses the same gorgeous Retina Display, the Ultra high pixel QXGA Screen is still one of the best features of the tablet, although it is not Oleophobic, meaning it is prone to smudges and fingerprints.

The Teclast X98 Air III is a WiFi only version, but it does support external 3G Dongle Support, USB host OTG is also included and HDMI Output up to 4K Video.

Overall, The Teclast X98 Air III is just a budget version of the popular X98 Air tablet family. It is perfect for those who want an iPad Air look alike but don’t want to spend alot on a new tablet. Probably the tablet’s best feature is the Retina Display, also the Bay Trail Processor inside is good enough to run Android 5.0 smoothly.

teclast x98 air III pictures

Highlights of the Teclast X98 Air III:

  • Affordable version (Cheaper than the previous version)
  • Intel Atom BayTrail Z3735F Processor
  • Dual OS (Windows 10 + Android 5.0 Lollipop)
  • QXGA Retina Display
  • 2 GB RAM and 64 GB
  • HDMI Out (up to 4K display)
  • Expandable Storage
  • iPad Air like design
  • External 3G Dongle Support


  • No built in 3G version
  • Non Oleophobic Screen (prone to smudges)
  • No Dual Band WiFi
  • No Gorilla Glass Protection
Teclast X98 Air III (Updated Feb 26, 2016)
Teclast X98 Air III retails at $135
also available at EU Warehouse
also available 64 GB version

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    1. Hello Mathew,

      Yes, there are multiple versions available. The Android only version with 32 gb is not yet available, meanwhile the Dual OS version with 64 GB storage is in stock. As far as i know.

      Best Regards,

  1. Does anyone know if this tablet can be charged and use OTG USB at same time? I know a lot of people say that in Windows mode it works but not in Android. I dont understand why every tablet uses the USB port for charging as it makes it impossible to use this with USB OTG devices at same time which is key in a lot of business applications and usages.

    1. Hello David,

      I think no, you cant use OTG and Charge at the same time. If it had another USB Port that might have worked, but the Teclast X98 Air only has one MicroUSB 2.0 Port used for charging and natively supports USB Host OTG.

      Best Regards,

      1. Is there any modern Android tablet today which does have another usb port or separate charging port that you know of?

        1. None that i know off, sorry. Most tablets i encountered only had one MicroUSB Port. I think it is also true on Smartphones. I was also wondering of this issue, certain situations call for using both USB Host OTG and charging at the same time. For example, if your tablet battery is already low, and you still want to use your mouse and keyboard via USB OTG.

          Best Regards,

  2. Hi Vincent,

    I hope that all is well.
    As you may recall, you answered a query form me some time ago about the Teclast X98 Air II some time ago.
    Since then, the air 3G, pro and air III have all been released, and I am struggling to keep straight in my head which uses which processor, which versions of android and windows they use and how much ram they have etc.
    Whilst I know you don’t build this site to order, I wanted to suggest that you build a page with a table of tablets, where you can easily see the differing specifications or each of the tablets review.

    Kind regards,


    1. Thank you for the Suggestion Harry, i will make a page that will make it easier for readers to look for the tablet they are looking for.

      Best Regards,

    1. Hello George,

      you can install but you have to make a partition separate from Android to make this work. So that it will not overwrite anything on the system.

      Best Regards,

  3. I have 2 questions:
    1. Does this tablet comes with GPS chipset/functionality on board?
    2. How does a separate Android partition/OS compare with the BlueStacks Android App Launcher approach?

    1. Hello Richard,

      1. The tablet doesn’t have built in GPS
      2. Separate partition (more common option, Android partion and Windows OS partion, if there is a problem with either partition and you need to reinstall an OS, then it is better to have these partitions separated. Although the remaining storage space will probably suffer. Honestly i prefer this option, because the files are organized.
      BlueStacks Android App Launcher approach (it is emulated), i mean, on your windows OS, you can run Android Apps using this option, although you might encounter compatibility problems and bugs on this approach. This is entirely different from Android OS itself.

      Best Regards,

  4. Hi,
    I’ve bought the 64gb air iii so far so good. I’ve been using windows more than I expected.
    My only problem is thatim struggling to find a compatible keyboard case for it , the Teclast keyboard case on gear best says its motto be used on the air iii, I’m a bit confused as both look to the same size with the buttons in the same place
    Any ideas? ,thanks

  5. Tablets Teclast X98 Air III was blown up…

    before 1,5 years, I bought 2 tablets, Teclast X98 Air III , from
    the Bangood.com https://www.banggood.com/Teclast-X98-Air-III-Intel-Z3735F-1_83GHz-9_7-Inch-Android-5_0-Tablet-p-998596.html?rmmds=myorder , I ordered the tablets on February 2016, and I was received them at the end of the March 2016…

    Till, 2 weeks ago, the tablets were good, but suddenly the both tablets, with one day difference,
    began to inflate … and get hot too … I turned them off, but they continued to inflate … until they started to be cool and then they started to break their screens… till the both Tablets was blown up…

    Please note that I using the ORIGINAL chargers…
    If you like to see more photos, from the both of the tablets please visit the URL below


    I was sent a message to the seller banggood.com/, and the manufactory company, which is the Teclast http://www.teclast.com/en/

    The seller banggood.com, they answer that they were sorry but can’t to do anything, and was trying to
    communicate with the supplier…but they were clear that they can’t-do anything to compensate me for the damage…

    The Teclast, I send the message twice, from the contact page, http://www.teclast.com/en/contactus.html
    and by email aftersales@sk1999.com

    I have NO reply from the Teclast… Nothing at all, obviously they do not care that their products explode
    and could also cause human damage…

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