Teclast Master T8 Review – Born to Game

The Teclast Master T8 is said to be the smaller brother of the Teclast T10. But they are actually quite different. I found out some key differences between the two that may make or break this tablet.

Born to Game, impressive gaming performance for a budget tablet

SpecsTeclast Master T10Teclast Master T8
ChipsetMediatek MT8176 Hexa Core 2.1GHz
GPU: PowerVR GX6250 @ 700MHz
Mediatek MT8176 Hexa Core 2.1GHz
GPU: PowerVR GX6250 @ 700MHz
MemoryRAM: 4 GB
Expansion: supports 64 GB microSD
Expansion: supports 64 GB microSD
OSAndroid 7.0 NougatAndroid 7.0 Nougat
Display10.1" JDI OGS Oleophobic Coating
2560 x 1600 pixels
8.4" JDI OGS Oleophobic Coating
2560 x 1600 pixels
CamerasRear: 8.0 mp
Front: Samsung 13 mp f/2.0 Aperture
82.8° Wide Angle
Rear: 8.0 mp
Front: Samsung 13 mp f/2.0 Aperture
82.8° Wide Angle
FingerprintRear Fingerprint IDFront Touch ID (Home Button)
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.2
Dual Band WiFi ac 2.4/5GHz
Bluetooth 4.2
Dual Band WiFi ac 2.4/5GHz
Fast Charger (microUSB 2.0)
Quick Charge 2.0 (USB Type C)

Not really a smaller version of the Master T10

The Teclast Master T8 was advertise to be a much more portable and smaller version of the T10, which frankly I have am impressed with. But the T8 has one fault that the T10 does, and that is the screen. It isn’t the same, the T8 has an obvious yellowish or greenish tint on it, which kind of ruins the experience really. You will notice is if you look at a white background.

Born to Game

I have to admit, it really performs quite well on gaming. Just like the Teclast Master T10, it can game quite efficiently with no fps drops and an overall impressive gaming performance. Temps do get hot if you play for prolong periods, but still on acceptable levels.

Good Connectivity but no GPS

Wireless connectivity has been great, it comes with Dual Band Wireless ac support and performance has been fast and stable. But sadly, no GPS built in here, unlike the T10 which has one.

Picky TF Card Slot

You cannot just add any MicroSD Card here, the adapter slot is so picky on the size. It can’t fit all sizes and on my test, my 64 gb Kingston class 10 card didn’t fit, but my 4 GB Sandisk Card did. So test the slot before you purchase any expansion cards.

Unable to Update

From my unboxing to this full review, I haven’t received updates via OTA (only Online Updates). It could not retrieve any, and thus future updates for bugs and fixes might be in question here.

6 hours Battery Life

According to PCMark, it can last up to 6 hours per charge, which is quite good especially for a 5400mAh battery. Quick Charging is also supported.

Could have been a killer tablet

My final parting words. If it weren’t for the tinting issue, then this could have been a very impressive tablet and even beating the Master T10.


Teclast Master T8 retails at  $185 – Coupon code HNYear181

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Pros of the Teclast Master T8

  • Cheaper, smaller and more portable
  • Oleophobic coating and OGS screen
  • Decent Performance, no issues with force apps, no lags on lockscreen, runs stable
  • Good multitasking and overall performance
  • Impressive Gaming Performance, no lags, no stutters and fps drops (all games ran without a hitch)
  • Stable OS (Android 7.0 Nougat), no issues with apps
  • Excellent Dual Band Wireless ac connectivity
  • Supports Memory Expansion
  • Decent Audio Quality (3.5mm and Loudspeakers)
  • 6 hours Battery life on a 5400mAh Battery with Quick Charge Support

Issues or Some Cons:

  • Greenish or yellowish tint is noticeable
  • No GPS built in
  • No OTG Function
  • No HDMI Port, also USB Type C doesn’t support Video/Audio Out
  • Updater Tool issue (cannot retrieve updates) – hasn’t been updated once
  • MicroSD Card slot is a bit tight, cannot accept all kinds of microSD
  • Front Touch ID or Fingerprint Scanner limited function (only Fingerprint ID, nothing else)

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