Teclast Master T10 versus Alldocube Freer X9 – Which is the better Tablet?

The Teclast T10 and the Alldocube Freer X9 are two budget tablet that offers a whooping 2560 x 1600 pixel screen, the highest at this price range. But which should you buy?

This is an in-depth comparison between the pros and cons between the two tablets. You can also refer to the individual reviews here: Teclast Master T10 and Alldocube Freer X9

Firstly lets talk about the differences in terms of hardware and specs, refer to the table below for the major differences between the two.

SpecsTeclast Master T10Alldocube Freer X9
ChipsetMediatek MT8176 Hexacore
GPU: PowerVR GX6250
Mediatek MT8173 Hexacore
GPU: PowerVR GX6250
MemoryRAM: 4 GB LPDDR3
Expansion: supports 64 GB microSD
Expansion: supports 64 GB microSD
OSAndroid 7.0 NougatAndroid 6.0 Marshmallow
Display10.1 inch JDI OGS Fully Laminated
2560 x 1600 pixels
8.9 inch JDI OGS Fully Laminated
2560 x 1600 pixels
Special FeaturesRear Fingerprint IDNone
CamerasRear: 8.0 mp
Front: 13 mp Samsung Sensor
Rear: 13 mp
Front: 5.0 mp
ConnectivityBluetooth, Dual Band WiFi
built in GPS
Bluetooth, Dual Band WiFi
built in GPS
IO1x 3.5mm Audio
1x Mini HDMI Port
1x MicroSD Card Slot
1x MicroUSB 2.0
1x 3.5mm Audio
1x MicroSD Card Slot
1x USB Type C
Fast Charger (5V 2A)
5500mAh Fast Charging

Price: Teclast Master T10 retails at $219 Use Coupon Code: teclastt10 (Read Full Review)

ALLDOCUBE Freer X9 at $169 Use Coupon Code: ALLDOCUBEX9 – (Read Full Review)

You can tell that both tablets are actually very similar in terms of hardware. The obvious difference is that the Alldocube Freer X9 is smaller but also offers USB Type C. The Teclast Master T10 on the other hand has Fingerprint Scanner but only has microUSB for both charging and data. The pricing is also widely different too, and you may be tempted to go for the cheaper one. But how do they fair on real world use? Find out below

A. Build and Design

When it comes to build quality, both of these tablets are well made, polished, aluminum but have different design choices. The Teclast T10 has a more landscape orientation. The Freer X9 on the other hand is more for a portrait use.  However, both tablets offer the same 16:10 Aspect Ratio.

Which do I prefer? Well, I do like favor the Teclast Master T10 a bit more, I is much more polish.

B. Performance

When you look at the specs, both tablets offer the same mid-end variant from Mediatek. Although you will likely see some lags or hitches from time to time, the chipset offers solid performance.  My use of the Teclast Master T10, i did see some weird performance issues especially on the lockscreen,  and only in that area. But multitasking, web browsing, and gaming are all top notch.

The Alldocube Freer X9 is more of a mix bag, it is really inconsistent, and I do think the fault is more on the OS being unoptimized and outdated. You see more performance slowdowns than usual and gaming performance isn’t really impressive.

Gaming Performance? The Teclast T10 is much more fluid and stable fps.
Overall Performance? The Teclast T10 also takes this award, with the exception of the lockscreen lag, overall performance is much better.

C. UI or OS

Also relating to Performance, this I think is solely to blame for the performance inconsistencies of the Alldocube Freer X9. It comes with an outdated Android 6.0 Marshmallow. But what’s more troubling is how unoptimized the system is. You can see apps not working well, WiFi sleeping or standby, and random shutdowns, which are all deal breakers of this Tablet.

The Teclast Master T10 only has issues with the lockscreen lag and one issue with the Updater tool. Anyway, Performance is good, no problem with the WiFi, and all the apps tested ran fine.

Which OS is more stable? Teclast T10 off course

C. Thermals

No question, the Teclast Master T10 runs cooler, with idle temps between 33-35°C but on heavy use, both tablets can hit the 80+C mark. So prolong gaming isn’t likely recommended. But when it comes to stable temps. The Teclast T10, I do consider to offer much better thermal performance. The Alldocube Freer X9 idle temps are quite high, between 40-50C and can even hit 85C on heavy use easily.

D. Display

Well, the main selling points of both of these tablets are the Amazing screen. And I think they are tied in this category. But if you want much bigger screen for web browsing, then you know what to pick. But overall performance of both screens are more or less equal, with very good contrast and vibrant colors. However, lux or brightness is on the Alldocube Freer X9, it is much brighter, even on just 0% brightness, you need to pump up the brightness on the Teclast Master T10 to keep up. Also both screens is also acceptable even on direct sunlight.

Lux or Brightness: Alldocube Freer X9 wins here

E. Camera

Rear cameras of both tablets are average at best. But the front camera of the Teclast T10 is really impressive. If you want quality conference calls or selfies, then go for the Teclast T10. The 13 mp Sensor really is something for Tablet Camera, and I think it is one of the better shooters on a tablet.

F. Connectivity

Both tablets offer Dual Band WiFi Support and performance were relatively good.  I just have a problem with the Alldocube Freer X9 Wifi going to standby when you leave the tablet for quite some time. Even if you are downloading, the Wireless would go to standby and interrupt the connection altogether. I don’t have any issues with the Wireless of the Teclast T10.


The Teclast T10 has strong GPS signal and gets a fix quickly. You can use it reliably for point to point navigation. The Freer x9 unfortunately has shoddy GPS performance.

H. Memory Expansion and other Features

Both tablets supported my 64 GB Kingston Class 10 MicroSD. And when it comes to special features, the Teclast T10 has a rear Fingerprint ID, which is accurate and reliable.

I. Battery Life

The 8100mAh battery of the Teclast T10 is obviously bigger and I am getting around 8 hours and 3 mins according to PCMark 2.0. The Alldocube Freer X9 is inaccurate in terms of battery life, PCMark 2.0 didn’t finish the test and I could not get accurate results. But on casual use, probably between 4 to 4.5 hours of use.

The Teclast T10 comes with Fast Charger (5 or 9V 2.5A) and the Freer X9 charges via USB Type C

So which tablet is the best?

Basing on my experience, the Teclast T10 wins the budget category. Even with the slightly higher price tag, it is well worth the investment. The Alldocube Freer X9 has good hardware, and could have been a killer tablet, but the unoptimized OS and outdated system took it down. But, If it were to get a major update and improvement, then maybe it can topple the Teclast T10. But for now, the Teclast T10 gets my nod for the best value Budget Tablet. You can also refer to the individual reviews for more info.

Teclast Master T10 retails at $219 Use Coupon Code: teclastt10 (Read Full Review)

ALLDOCUBE Freer X9 at $169 Use Coupon Code: ALLDOCUBEX9 – (Read Full Review)


  • Outdated and unoptimize system of the Alldocube Freer x9  killed it
  • Despite that the tablets have similar hardware, performance is widely different
  • The front camera of the Teclast T10 is amazing
  • Both tablet have impressive Display or Screen
  • The screen of the Alldocube Freer X9 is much brighter compared to the Teclast T10
  • The Teclast T10 runs cooler with much lower idle temps. But on full gaming use, both tablets can get hot
  • Battery life is much better on the Teclast T10
  • Gaming Performance is much stable on the Teclast T10
  • GPS performance is unreliable on the Freer X9
  • Issues with the updater tool of the Teclast Master T10

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