Stylus Comparison: Chuwi HiPen H3 versus Wacom Stylus – Which is better?

Hi guys, here is my detailed comparison between the Chuwi HiPen H3 Stylus of the Chuwi Hi13 and the Wacom Stylus of the Cube Mix Plus or Cube i7 Book.

I did a couple of test to determine the overall performance of these Stylus:

  • built-in apps such as Paint, Sticky Notes, Sketchpad were used for benching
  • Photoshop as a third party application was also tested

Chuwi HiPen H3

Palmar Suppression

Works around 90 Percent of the time, and better than the Wacom especially when tested with Photoshop. I did test this extensively and worked perfectly on my testing.


Very responsive with no delays or observable delays on built in apps such as Sketchpad, OneNote and Paint. But horrible performance on Photoshop, I mean, it’s practically unusable. And for those who’s work revolved around using this App, you will be surely disappointed. So, not for Photoshop

Pressure Sensitivity (light/heavy)

Works perfectly on certain applications especially built in apps like Sketchpad, which I did my test. On photoshop though, no effect whether you will write lightly on the screen or heavy handed. Which means, it isn’t optimize for this app.

Overall Performance

I can say that the Chuwi HiPen H3 is good stylus but still needs a bit more polishing. It is performs great on note taking, drawing using paint, sketchpad, writing notes on OneNote etc… But Photoshop is a big No No. Well, compared to the Wacom Stylus, I enjoyed this a lot more, the Palmar suppression is spot on on certain apps and responsiveness is great except in Photoshop. I am not a graphical artist, but drawing on this one, using the built in app or any app on the Windows store is a breeze.

Great for Note-taking, Drawing and all around work but not Photoshop

I find the Chuwi HiPen H3 is good but not good enough apparently especially if you are a graphical artist. I would not recommend this if you plan on using Photoshop on it most of the time. I myself am not a heavy user of Photoshop and I intend to use other apps instead.

I think, the problem lies not on the screen or stylus, but on the Chipset. With a 3K Screen and a Celeron N3450 Chipset, the Processor clearly a bottle neck, and using the tablet for days now, I did find it struggle on most multitasking work.

Wacom Stylus of the Cube Mix Plus and the Cube i7 Book

Palmar Suppression

I would grade it around 60-80%, of that feature ever working perfectly. It runs fine on other apps like Sketchpad, Paint, but struggles or is horrible on Photoshop. I mean, it doesn’t even work.


Unlike the Chuwi HiPen H3, the responsiveness is actually great on all applications that I have tested including Photoshop. I haven’t notice any horrible delays from the Pen Tip to the Screen.

Pressure Sensitivity (light/heavy)

Using Sketchpad and Paint, I didn’t see any difference whether you write lightly or heavy handed. Absolutely no difference at all. Also on Photoshop, no effect also

Overall Performance

The Wacom stylus offers great responsiveness on all the apps that I used in this test but It is also far from perfect. It is a tad bit fidgety and on certain apps it can get annoying. I mean, there are certain angles that the stylus doesn’t respond properly.

Note-Taking, Drawing using Sketpad is spot on but Palmar Suppression is bugged

The response rate is quite good and even better than the Chuwi HiPen H3, especially when considering the performance on Photoshop. But the horrible Palmar Suppression on Photoshop is also a deal breaker. So, I wouldn’t also recommend this as a great tool for Graphical work using that App. But for normal Notetaking, Drawing using built in apps like Sketchpad, this Stylus offers great performance. Also worthy to note that the Cube Mix Plus offers plenty room for performance with its Kaby Lake, so it’s rare to even see slowdowns.

Tablets used in this test


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