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  1. Hello Vincent, First I want to say thank you for putting together such a nice web site. I think it is the best available. I spend a lot of time reading about all the different tablets made in your country. A few months ago I bought an Onda V818 Mini. It is a nice tablet and it feels like a quality piece of electronics. Originally that model was supposed to have 2gb ram but it shipped with only 1gb. There are so many different manufacturers and from your reviews I think Onda, Ainol, and Hyundai are very good. One thing that I don’t understand is why so many of the Chinese tablets do not have Bluetooth. For me the perfect tablet is 7″ or 8″ with retina/IPS display, 2gb ram and 16gb storage, quad core cpu because dual core is too old, and a decent camera. It seems like the only model that meets my requirements is the Ainol Novo 8 Discovery. Maybe you know of another model from a quality company that you can suggest for me. Well anyway thank you again for the wonderful web site. You have done an incredible job and can be proud of that. Keep up the good work!

    1. hello robert,

      thanks for the comment, i have also a quad core tablet, the onda v972, and also it doesnt have bluetooth, dunno why. it seems that different models, although only a few things are changed, they seem to sell their tablets like, one has quad core and bluetooth, the other one has quad core but no bluetooth but is cheaper. that’s why i always place in the specifications if such connectivity exist on a tablet. although i prefer brands like ainol, onda because they seem to be very good and a lot of people buy them.

      best regards,

  2. Dear Vince,
    Thank you for your great website I wish I had known about it before I purchased my
    16GB 10.1″ PIPO M9 Quad Core RK3188 HDMI Bluetooth Android 4.1 Tablet PC.
    The first problem is the instructions are in Chinese and the other problem I have is we can’t connect WI-FI. I trust you can assist me with this problem.HELP HELP HELP

  3. Hey Vincent,

    I’ve been searching all around, but I can’t seem to get a clear list of which tablet has the longest battery life. I don’t care about performance or memory, but battery life is of utmost importance. What do you recommend?

    1. Hello tri,

      May i know the screen size of the tablet you are looking for? 7? 8 or 10 inch tablets so i can narrow my search, also include if you want IPS, retina display
      Furthermore, the orig galaxy tab 2 with a 4000mAh battery can only come up with up to 6 hrs battery life, meanwhile the ipad mini can muster up to 10hrs on a single charge. it seems that android (the os) is causing the battery drain, usually when it comes to android battery usually drains fast. I have the Onda V972 it has a 8000mAh battery but can only last up to 3 hrs on heavy use, moderate to light may last up to 5 hrs. its pretty low i know, but that is usually the trend for android tablets. it seems battery is not its strong points. The new Nexus 2013 version can only come up up to 6 to 7 hrs also using android 4.3 (far from ipad 10 to 12 hrs as listed)

      Hope this helps

      Best Regards,

      Best Regards

  4. Hi Vincent, I’m a tablet seller. Recently, I bought some F978 9.7″ with mtk8389 Quad Core tablets but unfortunately d Google PlayStore says ‘unfortunately, play store has stopped’ Pls how do I solve this problem? If I need to flash the ROM, pls can u get me d ROM /firmware for Build Number 20130904-ly-f978? It has Analogue TV and FM Radio installed. Manufacturer is alps I seriously need or help to solve this problem.

    1. Hello Banky,

      you don’t need to reflash your tablet, just go to settings and clear cache of playstore and google

      Best Regards,

  5. Hi Vincent,
    first your site is really great. Thank you it helped me alot. Next month I will visit a friend in Hong Kong and I thought I could buy a tablet and a mobilephone at the same time^^.

    Now I am at loss… first I was fixed on Onda v975m but suddenly there are 3 version of it with bluetooth, without and with wifi. All added one after another. Then with the new version of Antutu the score of the Onda fell to 20k because Antutu didn’t activate the overclock programm of the CPU anymore…. After that i searched for an alternative tablet and I found a few.Ramos i9 resoultion is to low…. Aiol BW1 looks great but its to small, but I really like the design. The same is with the Pipo Ultra U8T.
    I search for a tablet with a resolution of 1920x…, quadcore, 9-10 inch. , retina display and a decent design. Of course the battery should hold out too.
    Can you suggest a good tablet? Is the v975m really that bad? Whats with the new v975i. despite the aggresive presentation onda didn’t published any benchmarks or something else even though preorder is already avaible…are they afraid?

    For the phone….to tell you the truth i dont have a plan over chinaphones. I would like to have something with a nice design (because I will have it at least one year, so it shouldnt be ugly) and most important it shouldnt lagg, ah and if possible 4g/LTE would be nice but not a “must have”. A fluent play of hard- and software should be a given. Maybe something like the Xiaomi Mi3 or the Huawei Ascend P6.

    Best regards and Thank you

    Thien An

  6. Hi, Just came across your site which looks really nice.
    I’m in the UK and searching for a 10 or 11 inch Tablet with windows 8.1 OS.
    Similar to the surface or Asus T100, with a detachable keyboard but with better spec and less cost.
    Can you suggest any good quality ones?

  7. I want to purchase the best tablet under $300 that allows me to do GPS. Which tablet would you like me to see purchase? And thank you for your expertise!
    JJ – Los Angeles, California

  8. hi, this is sam here. I have an china tablet P2000 model number eidolon15_nand_gb2. I want to purchase compatiable OTG cable for this tablet. pl suggest me where i get this.


  9. Hello Guys,

    Please someone tell me are there good chinese tablets without camera?
    If yes, please send me link or name of them, thank you!

    With best regards,

    1. Hello Etrek

      most of the tablets have cameras, do you mean both front and back? or just the back camera?

      Best Regards,

  10. Yes Vincent,

    Actually, it was both cameras, but now i am going to buy nexus7 2012 without rear camera, cause i couldn’t find better, there was nook tablets, but it is not available here, in UAE, at least i didn’t find. thank you

  11. I want to purchase “Teclast P89 3G Android 4.4 MTK8392 Octa Core Tablet PC 7.9 Inch Retina Screen 2GB 16GB Golden”. Can you please solve my queries about it?

    1. If I get it import to India, then will it be locked?
    2. Android apps in it will be free like other mobile phones in India?
    3. Will be there any language problem in the tablet? I want English in it.

    1. Hello deformed,

      1. its already unlocked
      2. Playstore is preinstalled
      3. English and Chinese are the default, but you can easily change them on the settings.

      Best Regards,

  12. Hi, I’m trying to find a good retina tablet with 3G working in canada (need to have 850mhz or 1900 mhz 3G). do yo uhave any idea which model have that?

  13. Hello,
    pl let me know the best chinese tablet in seq. VIDO,LIVE FAN,RAMOS,CUBE,VOYO,ONDA,PIPO and which is the genuine on line shopping site to india

  14. Hi Vincent
    Your site is very interesting with a lot of useful information, keep on!

    I am looking for a Chainese Win 8 tablet that has GPS in it (not by wifi), I would love the PIPO W3 but it looks like it doen’t have the GPS. Is there any other top fast windows tablet that has?


  15. Hello, I was looking into buying a tablet and I was wondering which Chinese tablet is the best. Looking for something in similar quality performance or better than the iPad if there is one out there.


  16. Hi

    I am looking for a high spec, large screened Android tablet. I would like it to be well built and robust as I plan to use it to read drawings on a building site.
    What tablet would you recommend?


  17. Hi

    what is the best android tablet you have reviewed?

    It needs to have a large screen, be highly spec’d and be robustly built- I plan to use it to read site drawings on a building site
    I really enjoy the reviews on your website im just not sure what specific tablet suits what im looking for

  18. Hi
    Thanks for such a nice informative website.
    I am from India and interested in buying VIVO Xplay 3S or meizu MX4 Pro or ZOPO ZP999 Lion heart .
    Can u plz suggest which is good in performance with any heating or Lag issues.
    Also suggest some good stores in Shangahi / Beijing or trusted Ecom site where i can order them.


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  20. Happy new year!
    I’m wondering if you are planning to review the Onda v919 3g air dualboot. For me its the Teclast x98 Air II or this. Also checking out CES 2015 for traditional tablets

  21. Hello,

    I search a tablet with windows os and where i can play games on like call of duty the screen size of the tablet i am looking for is 9 or 10 inches


  22. hi can you advice me about wich chineset tablet note with stulys like the one made by samsung i hate fake confuguration i want one properly chinese note clone or imitation or clone and thanks

  23. Hi Vincent
    Please give me your suggestion about the Ondo V116 W,, andiow/ win 8.1 tablet,, and how can we get the key pad for this,,

    Please advice

  24. Hi

    I would like to know how & where to buy these Tables. Is there an online facility & will these products be available in Shanghai & will need the address with contact phone No’s.

  25. Hi,
    Could you recommend me a solid mid range 10″ tablet? The qualities I am after is a decent resolution, good battery life, consistent responsiveness and good wifi connectivity.

  26. Thanks Vince,
    I really like the Pipo W3F’s specifications however I am worried about the possibility of a lack of developer support or warranty for the product. Also I am unfamiliar with the dual boot capability wouldn’t this feature cause the system to run slower as it’s running two operating systems? Or do I chose what system to boot into and can only run one at a time.


    1. Hello Adrian,

      its not really running at the same time, you can choose which operating system you want to boot. Most intel based tablets offer this feature and offer more flexibility than running on Android alone.

      Best Regards,

  27. I really like your website. Find it very useful. I have been reluctant to buy a China phone online. I am in Asia and often go to Hong Kong and Singapore. Can you recommend a store (not online) that has a good selection of China phones and tablets to buy? Hong Kong and or Singapore.. Thanks

  28. Hey Vincent
    I was wondering if you could suggest me a tablet?
    I want it to be powerful, with a display above 10 inches and resolution of 1080 at least and runs Windows.

  29. Thanks Vincent for your reply.
    I am looking for a state of the art Phablet around 10″ which is compatable with ATT 4G LTE. I have the Cube T9 4G but it is not compatible with ATT 4G LTE. I understand the Telcast T98 and some others are compatible. What would you recommend?

  30. Dear Vincent.
    I am eager to buy a tablet PC such as the Hasee PCpad because of its USB,HDMI and sd card slots. Is there any other tablet PC which I can buy such as this.
    I have already checked Pioneer w11.

    Thank you

    1. Hello Mark,

      Could you narrow it down to your preference?
      size of tablet, OS, transformer tablet or standard, etc…

      Best Regards,

  31. Thanks for your reviews. Do you have any idea when a 9.7 inch tablet will be out with Android 5.1 and when you will review it?

  32. Hello Vincent, I want your help about tablets. I want to buy one but I am not sure which one. I really like Voyo Vbook V3 but the only con is that I dont know which stylus can be used for it. Do you know? And also I am between voyo vbook v3 and teclast x16 pro. Which one do you recomend? thank you

    1. Hello Christy,

      im not entirely sure about the stylus used on the Voyo V3 because its still on presale and not available, i think it’s not a Wacom (1024 pressure sensor) stylus but rather a much basic 256 pressure. If your particular with the Stylus, look for the Wacom version like the Cube i7 stylus, Cube iWork11, Teclast X16 Pro
      your reference here:

      Best Regards,

      1. Hello Vincent
        can you recommend me to buy Cube iWork 10 Flagship, instead of Cube iWork11 Stylus ?.
        because i wanted to buy Tablet PC with stylus. pl recommend me the a cheaper one ?

        1. Hello PPRASANTH,

          When it comes to stylus, the Cube iWork11 seems a better choice, Wacom stylus is over 1024 (means more sensitive), compared to 256 on the Cube iWork 10. The high sensitivity also means you can practically use it more for productivity.

          Best Regards,

          1. Hello Vincent
            I want to use this Cube i Work 11 Tablet PC for my class work taking notes, drawing pictures reading books, etc recording sound & video etc. and Internet Browsing etc. because I am a student and working. so please confirm is it the right one to buy or suggest me.
            Thanks in Advance.

          2. Hello PPRASANTH,

            yes, that is a good choice especially if you love using the stylus, take note that the Stylus is not included on the stock package.

            Best Regards

          3. Dear Vincent
            Can you please suggest a good Tablet PC with features SIM slot(3g or 4g), GPS & stylus.
            one of my friend wanted to buy with above specs. becz No wifi in his class room.

          4. Hello PPRASANTH,

            its difficult to find a tablet with 3G and stylus combination. Most of the tablets that have 3G built in, doesnt have stylus support, others have the stylus but no 3G. You could also try the, but im not really sure if the 3G will work in your area. Data connectivity seems a bit limited to most tablets, mostly because they rely on support for external 3G Dongle.

            Best Regards,

  33. Hi Vincent,
    Thank you for the nice reviews.
    I’m thinking about a small convertible laptop, yoga style , not a detachable one, now I am between the VOYO A1 PLUS Ultimate, and the Vido W11 Pro 3, what do you advise?

    1. Hello Ahmed,

      Since the Video W11 Pro 3 isn’t available yet,the Voyo A1 Plus is the ideal choice. Anyway, both devices offer the same features.

      Best Regards,

  34. Hello Vincent,
    do you know when the the new Atom chips ( Z8x50 ) will be released?

    and do you know any good alternative tablet to the Chuwi hi8 pro? with better cpu? max 8′ display and good resulution.

    1. Hello Frank,

      What do you mean by Z8x50? As far as i know, the X5-X8300 Atom Chipsets have been adopted widely rather than the X5-8700, you commonly see on the Teclast X98 Pro because of heat issues. All atom chips are not really powerful, if you want power, then the Intel Core M is probably a better choice, it’s close to the performance of a Core i3 processor but better efficiency. Unfortunately, tablets with Core M tend to cost more.

      Furthermore, only Atom Processors or Intel based processors support Dual OS. Rockchip (Android only), Hisilicon (Android only).

      The Chuwi Vi8 Plus, Teclast X80HD, Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 etc… uses the same processor, so i can’t find other tablets that offer much horsepower in this category. However, if you want Android, you can also go for Huawei M2 (premium tablet but quite expensive)

      Best Regards,

        1. Hello Frank,

          ohh ok, it is a variant of the X5 and X7 series i think, but i doubt the improvements will be major. Perhaps only seen on benchmarks

          Best Regards,

  35. Hi Vince,
    I am looking for an about 10 inch tablet with full stylus support, dual os windows/android and a magnetic keyboard as additional equipment you can buy. It should have a solid hardware that allows to watch movies/sports.streams, writing in documents with the stylus and the possibilty to have memory space > 100 gb (perhaps with added micro sd).
    The price (without keyboard) should be lower than 250 $ I searched many sites but didnt find one that had all this. It wont be a problem to wait for 2-3 months if there is a tablet that is not on the market yet but will be published soon. Do you have any idea?

    1. Hello Julian

      So Far these are the only tablets that i know off that fits your category

      A. The Cube iWork11 Stylus ($256) (Intel Atom X5 Chipset, 4 GB RAM and supports Wacom Stylus and Magnetic dock for keyboards)
      B. Cube i7 Stylus ($344) – Intel Core M Processor (Wacom, and Magnetic Dock)
      C. Teclast X16 Pro ($256) – Intel Atom X5 Chipset, Active Stylus and Magnetic Dock support)
      Or you can also refer to my brief Tablet Guide:

      Best Regards,

  36. Hi Vincent

    Firstly very nice blog dude.
    I am visiting china for hols for a couple weeks and will be stopping over in Shenzen and Hong Kong for a day or two maybe.
    After reading your reviews it seems there is a quite alot of exciting tablets to choose from.

    Personally i like the Onda and the Teclast as they are small and pretty beffy spec wise.

    Can you suggest a place or market in shenzen/hong kong where i can find these products.

    i am looking for general purpose tablets but one where i can maybe stick linux on top of as i a linux engineer at heart 🙂

    Thanks again.


  37. Well, i know it’s a kind of weird question, I’m interested in the Cube i7 Stylus, and the Teclast X2 pro, but i can’t stand the problem of the fixed viewing angle, can’t i use another keyboard like the Onda obook 10 keyboard or any other brandless keyboard that solve this problem.
    If that solution is not possible, what do you advise?

    1. Hello Ahmed,

      are you referring to Yoga Style 360 degree rotation tablets? Unfortunately, the Cube i7 Stylus and Teclast X2 Pro are Transformer tablets with Magnetic Keyboard attachments, thus likely fixed angles. The Voyo A1 Ultimate and Voyo V3 Vbook are Yoga Style Tablets if you are interested.

      Best Regards,

      1. what about the cube iwork 10 flagship, is it a fixed angle?
        among the Voyo A1 ultimate and the Cube iWork 10 flagship , which do you advise?

        1. Hello Ahmed,

          the Cube iwork10 flagship is also a transformer tablet, The Voyo A1 Ultimate, Vbook V3 and the oBook 10/11 are the only Yoga Style Ultrabooks available.

          Best Regards,

  38. Hi Vincent
    I am looking for a economy laptop to paint. Can i buy any laptop i want?
    Generally doing all the laptop or should I get specific about this job only?? For example can i buy the voyo vbook v3? and if not can you suggest me some??

  39. Yes.i want to draw manga in taplet ,but i have no idea of the taplet .you suggest me economi and very good taplet. thanks for the help Vincent i appreciate:)

    1. Hello Varasalla,

      Actually built-in 3G or 4G is quite difficult to find, anyway because of the limited frequencies supported, it is better to use a 3G Dongle for better support. For the Tablet PC with Active Stylus, what do you prefer? could you specify your preference.

      Best Regards,

    1. Hello Varasalla,

      I think the Voyo A1 or the V3 would be a better choice, anyway the V1 4G, its limited to 720p HD display and also 4G LTE Support frequencies might not be supported for your carrier. Also available is the oBook11 from Onda, maybe you might be interested on that.

      Voyo A1 Plus

      Best Regards,

  40. Hello Vincent!
    I am looking for only windows 10 tablet, 7-9 inches, and the most important is 4G. Dont you know tablets like that? Thank you.

  41. Hello Vincent,
    I would like to buy a tablet PC. Based on your website (thank you for all useful data!) I was able to create a shortlist of three tablets:
    – Cube iWork 10 Flagship
    – Chuwi Hi10 Ultrabook
    – Teclast Tbook 11

    But these (based on specs) all look quite same to me. Can you suggest which one should I get? Is there any other tablet I should consider? Should I wait for any new (near future) arrivals?

    – As ground control station (Mission Planner) for Pixhawk UAV
    – To show/present models to clients in SketchUp (or similar software)
    – Other basic stuff (web, Facebook,…)

    My wishes:
    – Windows 10
    – New series of Intel processor
    – At least around 10 inch screen
    – I don’t need 3G/4G, WiFi is all I need
    – I prefer keyboard dock stations, but case with bluetooth keyboard is also ok
    – Total costs (tablet+keyboard/case) at max around 200$, I prefer less 🙂

    And something more… How much better is performance of 4GB RAM tablet over 2GB one. I have one option ( from Europe which would considerably lower my costs by avoiding import duties and tablet already comes with keyboard dock station.

    Best regards,

    1. Hello DirtyS,

      1. May i know about SketchUP, would you be using Wacom Stylus on that kind of work? or is a Stylus a major part of your productivity?
      2. From your selection of tablets, those are all good tablets, You could also include the Pipo W1s
      3. 4 GB vs. 2 GB RAM, usually tablets with only 2 GB come with 32 bit windows, and 4 GB comes with 64 bit windows. But the difference is on the multitasking, and usually browsers take up most of the memory especially if you use Chrome. If you likely have plenty of tabs all at once, then a low memory will likely bog down the system.

      Best Regards,

      1. Hello,

        1) SketchUp ( is 3D modeling software. Tablet would however not be used for modeling, but only presentation of 3D models. Stylus is not that important to me – if I decide to buy Cube iWork 10 Flagship, I will also buy stylus, but I won’t make decision based on stylus support.
        2) So out of these 4 choices I should just pick the one I got for a lower price?
        3) Good answer. I like to have multiple programs/tabs open – 2GB RAM is out of the game.

        Thank you for your answers.

        Best regards, DirtyS

        1. Base on your decision, just choose the the cheapest one, the Cube iWork10 Flagship i think is the best value today given the price drop.

          Best Regards,

  42. Have there been any Chinese windows tablets that have support for 3G/LTE, phone calls and SMS natively?

    If not, how about dual boot ones where 3G/LTE works on both OS and phone calls/text works on at least Android

    1. Hello fvig2001,

      3G support isn’t a requirement really for most Chinese Tablet Makers, partly due to the fact that most of their frequencies don’t work internationally, or are very limited. But there are Sub$100 tabletsthat offer 3G support, but mostly are called now Phablets. like the teclast P80

      On similar light, the new Voyo v1 4G supports 4G but no phone call functionality, only Data. Most 3G capable tablets are also limited to Data use.

      Best Regards,

  43. Hello Vincent,
    Thanks for a good site with lots of info about tablets. I am looking into buying adual boot tablet (Win10 and Android) and i am stuck on udersdning how the internal memory is allocated when having dual boot.
    Why ? right now I have a 16 Gb rom tablet and when storing protected film music for offline mode (for along haul fligt) i can only allocate max 5-6 of this due to that the other is blured with…
    Now if buy a dual boot with 32 Gb ROM is it allocated 50%/50% when it comes to ROM or can I stear that so that I store all but the opertive fro Win 10 on the FC ?
    By this freeing up more ROM or do I have to look for a 64 Gb ROM tablet ?
    BTW waht is your prime recomendation for a duat boot tablet right now 🙂

    Best regards, Okar

    1. Hello Oskar,

      You should go for 64 GB ROM especially for Dual Boot Tablets, usually the storage is partitioned to each OS, i mean, half will be available for each system in the tablet. Also, this is not including the size of the system installed. Go for Teclast X98 Plus, Dual OS Tablet

      but that depends really on your budget, there are also good sub$100 tablets available

      Best Regards,

  44. Dear Vincent
    Can you please suggest a good Tablet PC with features SIM slot(2g or 3g), GPS & active stylus.

  45. Hello again Vincent!

    Many thanks again for your help last year and creating the comparison page. My Teclast X16 finally arrived and it has been pretty decent (though upgrading Windows 10 was a complete nightmare!)
    I have a new question for you. I need a new tablet for my 8 year old son. At least 2gb ram, 8 inch screen, with a micro sd/tf card slot. Also needs to be as strong as possible to withstand the inevitable drops. Budget is approximately £100/$145/EU130.
    Many thanks,


  46. Hi Vincent,
    I really appreciate the work of information, you do, because in my country, it is very difficult to know in detail the characteristics of these tablets.

    I have a great doubt about the OS Win 8.1 and Win 10 installed on these tablets.
    Is it a Windows Phone adaptation or something similar?
    Or it is the same used by Windows OS desktop pc?

    So they would be like a standard PC, but in a tablet device?


    1. Hello Juan,

      It is Windows 10 home edition, either 32 bit or 64 bit edition. So far, from my experience with Teclast X98 Pro and Xiaomi Mi Pad 2, they are licensed. Windows 10 supports both Tablet mode and desktop.

      Best Regards,

  47. Hi Vincent,
    Love your reviews, very informative. I’m looking to purchase the new Cube iwork12, but I am little confused. I would like a keyboard with it, and many of the information photos shows a keyboard but not sure where to actually find this as an accessory??.Does it come in black front surround?

    Also can I use a stylus pen with this tablet?, thanks Vincent

    1. Hello Ken,

      the Cube iWork12 is still relatively new, it was rumored that it fits the Cube i9 keyboard but i’m not entirely sure. The added keyboard and stylus I think is not yet available

      Best Regards,

  48. Hello Vincent, your blog has excellent data about tablets, your work is impeccable!. I am from Argentina, and I am looking for a tablet with only android, no windows, the tablet is for my daughters, to play childrens games, yotube, etc. and I think android has more variety to download these games. And the dual models has a partitioned internal memmory, so tha part for install apps is too small for android.
    Which models do you recommend me? and is my appreciation correct about only android tablets, because I see that brands release dual or windows models, and no android.
    Sorry about my bad english, thank you very much.

  49. Hello Vincent,

    I think your website is really awesome! I’m having difficulty choosing a tablet with good build quality and will have enough speed and storage to last me several years. I want a 10 inch tablet for approximately $200 or less, I have been looking at the Cube brand ones, but I am not sure if that’s a good reliable brand. what is known as the most reputable Chinese brand for tablets? Can you recommend a few for me to look into and research? There’s simply too many! I am mainly looking for at tablet to surf the net, watch movies, and maybe work on some word productivity from time to time?

    Also, I live in Canada and I want to know what is a good site to order from? I also have a friend currently on vacation in Manila, Philippines, do you know if they sell Chinese tablets there for an affordable price? I could ask her to help me bring one back.

    Any help you can offer would be great!

    1. Hello Kelvin,

      Based on experience Teclast and Xiaomi tablets have very high reliability and good build quality.

      Best Regards,

  50. Hello Vincent,
    Please help me.
    I’m having difficulty choosing a tablet with good build quality and will have enough speed and storage to last me several years.
    I do not know the processors. I write what I’m looking.
    Budget +/- 200$
    OS Dual Os
    Memory 4GB RAM/64 GB ROM
    Camera not important
    I/O HDMI
    Display 8″-12″
    I believe that you help me.
    I am waiting for your answer.
    Best Regards,Daniel

  51. Vincent
    I am researching tablets and I find that there is not much choice in a 10 inch android only tablet (no windows or dual OS wanted). Do you know why China is not making These 10 inch Android only tablets? If you know of any, would you review them? I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S which has Android on it and I am looking for something similar in a Chinese tablet. Thanks

    1. Hello Don Benoit,

      Most tablets nowadays uses Intel Atom Chipsets which supports both Android and Windows. The CoreM chipset like the newer Skylake only supports Windows 10.

      Best Regards,

  52. Hi, I currently have a $500 Ipad Air 2 that I use exclusively for reading magazines and newspapers. In particular, I use the NY Times app, the Wall Street Journal app, and the Economist app. I love the spectacular resolution on the device — I can’t see any pixels when I read and it is so sharp! I also love the dimensions of the device. However, I feel uncomfortable carrying around a $500 machine to read newspapers. Can you please recommend some inexpensive alternatives tablets that would provide excellent resolution for reading newspapers and magazines? I do not play games or watch movies so this is really a dedicated newspaper/magazine reader (good resolution and screen size are most important to me). I don’t need bluetooth, I do not care about audio quality, nor do I need any fancy features. As I mentioned, I do want sharp fonts and a large screen size.

    1. Hello Ethan,

      I suggest you go for Retina Resolution Tablets, there are quite a few, could you please narrow down your search? I mean, the price range, size of the tablet or do you prefer Android or Windows or you want both in a system. Also, do you use it as a laptop like other convertible tablets available or just the as tablets alone.

      Best Regards,

      1. Vince, thank you so much for the prompt reply. Is it sufficient just to look for something that advertises “retina display” or do I need to specifically seek specs of 2048 x 1536? It is a little confusing to me now that there is retina HD display, and differences in pixel density, pixel size, etc. I am just planning on using 3 apps and they work on all platforms so am don’t have a preference for one or the other. To reiterate, all I am using this device for is to read 3 newspapers and magazines (no webcam necessary, no gaming, etc.). What I do care about is the quality of the display. I don’t want to see pixels or blurry fonts when I read. I want a size of around 9.7″ (+/-). Perhaps you can recommend a couple of options for consideration?

        1. Hello Ethan,

          If you plan on reading the whole time, then i suggest you get a good screen and preferably light tablet, So far at 8.0 inches, the best tablet i can recommend is the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 (Android version), it comes with Retina Display and very good battery life, more than 6 hours per charge, if you plan on just reading articles.
          It is also very portable, light, and since it is referenced to an ipad mini, you already get the picture.

          Best Regards,

          1. Thank you! I was considering the Teclast X98 II based on your review it seems like a good option as well. Given that the prices are comparable between the Teclast and the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2, I think I’ll go with the larger screen option and get the Teclast…unless you advise otherwise!

          2. The Teclast X98 2 is also good in terms of display, but is not as good as a multimedia machine compared to the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2. It is heavy and big, 9.7 inches for me is quite large, it doesn’t support quick charging and no USB Type C support. And the speakers are also not good. But it does support Dual OS which is a big plus for those who want windows and the screen is good similar really to the Teclast X98 Pro, Plus, series. And it also supports Expandable storage and is cheaper than the Mi Pad 2 (the 64 GB version in particular)

            Best Regards,

  53. Hello Vincent
    Great site with lots of useful information.
    I am looking for dual boot tablet with phone function, while I can find some that have been made in the past, they all seem to be not available now. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hello Shane

      most tablets with Phone functions don’t support Dual Boot. In fact, these tablets are budget tablet. For example the Teclast P80

      Best Regards,

  54. hi v
    hope you can help/advice as i am not versed in the world of IT.
    my wife and i fancy a tablet pc and from the little we know we came to the conclusion that something like a surface 4 and/or samsung galaxcy tab s2.
    as they are rather pricy we looked at a chinese tablet but are now very confused. perhaps you can point us to something similar as good as the two i mentioned and where we can read up about and where to purchase from especially since we are in the uk.
    many thanks in advance
    helmut h.

    1. Hello Helmut H,

      Could you specify your preference? that includes the size of the tablet, if you want Android/Windows or both, and also the budget.

      Best Regards,

  55. Hello Vincent, thx for this website, i know this is a little off toppic, but.
    Do you know something like jumper air book, that has more connectivity?
    I need something small, to use like small laptop, something around 12″. I was thinking Chuwi HI12, but i wouldnt use it as tablet much, so it seems to me like a waste, to buy tablet and add heavy keyboard that needs to have weights to be stabe.


  56. Hello Vincent,

    I appreciate your efforts in running this site! I would like to replace my old Asus TF101 with something newer. I would like a 9.7-10.1 screen, win10/android tablet. I would use it for reading, browsing, music, movie streaming, and simple gaming. I would like 1900×1200 resolution, decent speakers, bluetooth, 802.11n and a good battery life. What would you recommend?


    1. Hello Mike,

      Could you please specify your budget range, will you be using it also for work, like a Wacom stylus for drawing, ACtive stylus also works fine. You want a separate keyboard? I mean detachable keyboard? Or an iPad Air clone

      Best Regards,

      1. Vince,

        This would just be for personal use. No drawing ability needed. I am aiming for around $200 or less unless it is really worth it to go a bit higher. A detachable keyboard option would be nice, especially if it has a bettery to add to the run time of the tablet. No retina needed. While nice, I think it kills batteries faster.

        Thanks for the help!

        1. Hello Mike,

          I agree, Retina Screen’s do consume more batteries. What i can recommend below $200 are Cube iWork11 Stylus, (the Remix only version), and the Teclast Tbook 10 (embedded battery on the keyboard.

          Best Regards,

          1. Thanks for the info! Do you think these may be updated with the X7 chips before Christmas? May be worth waitingfor the updates if so.
            Thanks again, i appreciate it!

          2. Hello Mike,

            What do you mean by X7 chips? Is it Intel Atom X7-Z8700? Although it is faster in terms of clock speed, performance is still nowhere near compared to Intel Skylake. If you want performance, go for Skylake based tablets.

            Best Regards,

  57. Hello, Can you give me some help in purchasing a tablet from China, I need it for marine navigation, gps, phone ect, I am not familiar with these tablets so I will appreciate your input before I purchase, my budget will be up to $200.00 Canadian

  58. Hi Vincent,
    I have tried to upate my Teclast X70 R using Teclastota. The tablet will now not boot up other than going into a test mode. Is there a reset function? Can you help or should I return it to the maker?
    Regards John

  59. Hello,

    I wish to know does Chuwi have plans to release an updated HiBook Pro in near future?

    I am planning to buy it but just wanted to know an approximate timeline on the launch of the next one so I can decide.


    1. Hello Azim,

      Most are still rumors, but certainly Intel Kaby Lake, Apollo powered tablets are coming out soon.

      Best Regards,

  60. Hi My husband is looking for a 12 inch tablet on which to play Clash of clans. That’s about all he will use it for other than checking the occasional email. What would be the best Chinese branded version for that purpose – happy to pay up to about $500-$600 Australian. He currently plays on an old Ipad 2 so it wouldn’t be hard to be better than that. He insists he wants a 12 inch screen. I would welcome your recommendation.

    1. Hello Jackie,

      For now, I have to wait for the new upcoming tablets to come through. There are 12 inch tablets that offer your preference such as the Cube iWork12 or the Chuwi Hibook Pro but unfortunately they are Atom powered tablets, so performance will be slower compared to Core M3 based Chips. 2017 for sure will be offering faster chips with better graphics.

      Best Regards,

  61. Hey Vincent,

    Hope you’re having an awesome New Year! Sorry to bother but I need your help on deciding between a Cube iWork1x or the Pipo W1 Pro.

    Originally I wanted a Teclast Tbook 10s as I’m buying this for my Dad and the old Teclast he had stood up well to his abuse (he’s really rough) but I didn’t see it recommended. Is it no good?

    Anyway, what I’m hoping for is that the tablet will survive being dropped a bit, that the screen’s easy to read, that it responds quickly and the Wi-Fi works well. It will mainly be used for reading, shopping, watching movies and listening to music (the speakers won’t be a problem as he prefers headphones).

    If you have any other suggestions that will suit him better and are in the same price range/similar size, I’m open to them as well.

    Very sorry if I have double posted, I didn’t see my comment published and so I thought something went wrong.

    All the best.


    1. Ahh, please delete this comment as well as the one I’m replying to. I’m sorry, for some reason I missed the ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation.’ message. I really didn’t mean to flood your comment section.

      Have a lovely day.


    2. Hello Leoyce,

      Actually both are good and cube and Pipo are good brands also. But in terms of price to performance, I would go for the Cube iWork1x.
      It has bigger battery, WiFI also works just fine (no issues), but the speakers sounds tiny. The tablet is good for everyday use.

      Best Regards,

      1. Crap, sorry Vince. One last quick question. Which is better at keeping itself cool? My dad works in the desert so it’s no good if it tends to overheat.


  62. Hello Vince,

    How are the USB Type-C ports on Chuwi tablets? Can they charge, transfer data fast, and project to screens? I was supposedly trying to buy a Chuwi Hi12 before Christmas. But then as my plans got delayed, Chuwi announced the Chuwi Hi13 which has a USB Type-C port.

    1. Hello Emmanuel

      The Chuwi Lapbook Apollo (Apollo Lake Chipset), USB Type C works on External HDD, but does not charge

      Best Regards,

  63. Hello Vince,
    I am a little lost. My daughter (20) is looking for a notebook with stylus support. Right now she likes the MIIX 510, quite expensive. I am now looking at CUBE and CHUWI, but can’t get a good idea about them. Cut you help me?
    Best Regards,

  64. Hey!
    I am currently looking out for a tablet but I am kinda lost which one I should get and suit my needs.
    What am I doing with the tablet?
    – Watching Amazon Video, Netflix,, YouTube
    – Playing small games like Clash Royale
    – Using it as a wacom like tablet (for Photoshop etc.)
    – Showcasing pictures as a portfolio
    – And obviously ordinary-workish things

    Could you help me out?
    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,

    1. Hello Eidi,

      You can either get Cube Mix Plus (Kaby Core) It supports Wacom, or you can also buy last years edition, the Cube i7 Book, both are practically the same in terms of features

      Or you can buy the cheaper atom version. The Cube iWork11 Stylus, which also supports Wacom but is slower

      Best Regards,

      1. Thanks for the reply!

        I decided to buy the Cube i7 book.
        I do need the correct wacom pen for this tablet though.
        Do you have a link to the correct one?

        Thanks in advance.

        Best Regards,

  65. Hi Vincent
    What a great site you have,I have a question,I just bought the Cube Iwork 12,but after two months both the SD and USB card slots have stoped working,I understand this is a problem with the Iwork 12???
    Before that I had the Chuwi pro 10,which I found was much better built and the screen much more responsive .I would like to ask what you think is the best duel boot tablet to buy now or in the next month or two,I am looking for 12 ins tablet or more,I just use it for work and watching videos,not games.
    Thank you for the advice in advance

    1. Hello Jon,

      I don’t think those problems with the Cube iWork12 is not common, So far, on my experience, I don’t have any issues.
      do you really need a 12 inch tablet? It’s kinda big, like the Cube i9, huge. I think for the budget 12 inch Tablets with Dual Boot, I think you can get the Cube iWork12 or the Chuwi Hi12.

      Best Regards,

      1. Thanks Vince,
        I now have the Cube iwork 12,alwasy had Chuwi tablets before and thought I would try the cube,I have found the build quality with the Chuwi much better,this cube iwork 12,is much poorer made,the screen touch it quite bad,really have to press hard and like I said after only 8 weeks the SD card slot will no longer read any SD card and the USB slot is also no longer working.I think I will go back to Chuwi,thank you for your advice and taking the time to reply

        1. Hello Jon,

          I have the Cube i7 Book, Cube Mix Plus currently, and I haven’t experience any problems with them

          Best Regards,

  66. Hey Vince,
    First, your website is amazing. I hope you’ll upgrade it just the same right way in the future. I need your experiences and help. I would like to buy a 2in1 tablet or a notebook with 360°screen rotation. Important things are stylus (good sensitivity), quite fast CPU and good GPU for Ps, Ai and graphic design stuffs. The best price is about $350. I’m searching tablets long time ago and I think I got some examples at the moment. #1 is the Cube Mix Plus, #2 is the Cube i7 stylus, #3 is the Cube i7 book and #4 is the VOYO VBOOK V3. What do you think I got the right way or do you know better products (may be in this year)? Can you give me a short pros/cons advices and user experiences?

    I’m looking forward to your answer and thank you in advance!

    Best regards,

    1. Hello Mark,

      1. The Cube Mix Plus is a 2 in 1 convertible but does not rotate 360 degrees, only up to 120 degrees fixed angle. It is basically a carbon copy of the Cube i7 Book but with a new chipset of course. For the price, I think you should go for the Cube i7 Book if it is still available, it also supports Wacom stylus. But one issue is the 16:9 ratio screen, which is not really meant for graphical artists type work. It is also small at 10.6 inches and a 1080p resolution is not that good for Graphics or PS.
      2. The Chuwi Hi13 is a great alternative if you want, it is patterned after the Surface Pro. It also supports 1024 pressure sensitivity, the screen is perfect for graphical artist work (3K Display and also has a good Apollo Lake Chipset)
      3. The Voyo Vbook V3, is a carbon copy of the Atom version, but now comes with a faster Apollo Lake Chipset. The Keyboard, touchpad, build quality is not that good. Also the stylus just a handwriting stylus, not really for productive work.

      Hope this helps
      Best Regards,

  67. Hi Vincent,
    I’m looking for an 8″ form factor to replace a 2013 Nexus 7, but has faster Android gaming performance at $200 or less. Can you please recommend candidates? Also, are there any small tablets that have more sensors than most? Thanks!

    1. Hello Andy,

      Currently, no gaming tablet that matches your preference. The Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 with Intel Gen8 and Intel Atom is not great for gaming, the iFive Mini 4s with Mali GPU is also not that good on gaming. For now, Android gaming, i would choose smartphones over tablets.

      Best Regards,

      1. Thanks a lot for that confirmation. 2 Followup questions: Is there a modestly priced (not necessarily “budget”) 10″ tablet that works well for gaming? And which android phones do you like for gaming?

        1. Hello Andy,

          Mostly Windows based Tablets, no Android for now. Cube Mix Plus, Chuwi Apollo Lake etc…

          Best Regards,

  68. Is 11/11 the best time of the year to buy a Chinese tablet/laptop? I’m planning on buying a Chuwi Hi12. How about the current Intel sale and or Chuwi anniversary sale every September? Is it still better to wait for 11/11?

    1. Hello Emmanuel,

      I think the better value right now is the Chuwi Hi13. 11/11 or anniversary I think has the same bargain deals

      Best Regards,

      1. Yeah I’m not getting the Hi13 unless they release a dual boot version. Maybe my wait for 11/11 will yield a dual boot version option for a Hi13 for me by that time hehe. 😀 Thanks, Vincent. So the Hi12 price might not ever get below 200$ by 11/11 this year you think? I’ve been watching its price since December and the lowest I’ve seen it plummet is $229 so far, from an average of $260.

        1. Hello Emmanuel,

          Yes, I did notice that the price never dips below $200. On a good note, they did update it slightly, the chipset to Z8350. I do hope they lower the price more, probably after the Chuwi Hi13 also dips in pricing this coming months.

          Best Regards,

  69. Hi Vince,

    The site and your reviews are top. What I miss in your reviews however is some measure of readability outside. I’m looking for a tablet to be used outside mostly, and contrast and screen brightness are then important. Can you give some advice on which tablet would still be useable in direct sunlight for example?



    1. Hello Lars van Zon,

      For Direct sunlight, I think you should look for non reflective display or matte non glossy, like the Chuwi Lapbook Apollo

      Best Regards,

  70. Hey Vince,

    Does the Chuwi Hi12 keyboard work when attached to the Chuwi Hi10 Plus? I’m trying to save money on keyboard docks by not buying one each for every tablet. But, I don’t have a Hi12 and keyboard yet.

  71. Hi Vincent Thanks for nice work
    I am looking for a 8″ tablettes with a good screen and first of all a long batteur life (vidéo and ebook reading)
    I have a Chuwi hi 8 : very reactive , good screen définition but short battery life (less than 4 h) and a spot coming back in the middle of the screen)
    I have a Teclast x98 3g but half of the batteur is no more working
    I Have a chuwi hibook pro : fantastic screen and good ketboard but limited battery life

    So wich 8″?

    Thank you

  72. Hi Vincent!
    I wondered if you could recommend me two different tablets.

    One super cheap USB 3 one for copying files from sd card to USB hdd (I guess through a hub).

    And one with usb3, 1080p+ screen, and more power for £300 ish (would be used for photoshop).

    Many thanks! Great work on the site too, seems to be a fantastic resource.

      1. Hi Vincent,

        Thanks for the speedy reply!

        By super cheap usb 3 – it would literally just be used for copying files from a SD card to a usb HDD. I don’t care about any other features.. just the option to directly copy over.

        Thanks, I’ll have a look! If you were looking at a higher price (say £500-600), do you think the xiaomi air 13 would be best – or is there something more powerful?


        1. Hello Paul,

          Well the Xiaomi Mi Air 13 (core i5 edition) is certainly powerful and good enough for Video Editing, but it is pricy at around $700-800. The Xiaomi Mi Air 13 Ultimate (Core i7 edition) is more powerful, but will also cost you $1000. Anyway, what are you using it for? Because if it is just for casual use and not so much on heavy work, then the Xiaomi Mi Air 12 is good enough.

          As for the cheap tablet, I think the most affordable one with USB 3.0 is the Cube iWork1x

          Best Regards,

  73. It would mainly be used for photoshop, and maybe some light video editing.

    I do wonder how the chinese ones will compare to an EU brand equivalent. Would the £600 mi air be that much better than a £600 asus machine for example?

  74. Hi, what is the best quality brand? Chuwi, Cube or Teclast? I am deciding between Chuwi Hi10 Pro, Teclast Tbook 10S or Cube Iwork1x. Use for casual work and videos or media while traveling. Budget around $200

  75. Hi Vincet,

    Can you please recommend a good tablet with 10+ inch screen, stylus support and most cost effective.

    I will be using it for only taking notes in MS one note using stylus.

    Later converting some part of hand written notes into text.

    Please let me know if you have any thing particular in your mind for my usage. Also, some thing at lower cost, as I will be using it for only 8-10 months, and only for note taking\

    Thank you

  76. Hello,

    Do any of the Chinese tablet or phone brands sell dual usb flash drives that can be used to
    copy files from a phone then to a computer? Having both a micro usb and usb connecter,

    Such as :- Sandisk Ultra Dual USB 3.0 Flash Drive

    Thanks In Advance

  77. What Is the Lightest Tablet/Laptop That Can Run Windows 10?

    I mainly use it to surf the web and play Hearthstone.

    Just need it to have touchscreen and bluetooth support.


    1. Hello Jamie,

      there are a lot of tablets and laptops that can run Win10, could you specify your budget?

      Best Regards,

    1. Hello Joyce,

      What tablet is it? If the port itself is broken, then I think It can be fixed easily in your local shop. I don’t think it will cost that much

      Best Regards,

  78. mine us vido mini one. Looks like the battery charger port was broken. I bought it from Hong Kong, Can it be fixed and it is worth to fix, for they said that it cost too much, I rather to buy a new one instead. or I need to mail it back to China factory to repair?

  79. Does it exsist any 16:9 or 16:10 format 8 to 9 inch tablets with 4gb ram and 64gb stoarge with new Android OS?

  80. Hello, could you please suggest any 7 or 8 inch chinese tablet that :
    1) is cheap yet durable 2) is best for note taking /digital stylus 3) has good battery time 4) and has sd card option


  81. Hi, ive been searching throgh your website for days for my dream laptop/tablet/2in1
    But cant make my mind up can you help happy to donate to your cause.

    I want as powerful as possible device that can handle multi tasking and programs such as djs.
    But i would love for a 360 degree screen or a 2 in 1 or a surface clone .

    has to have a touch screen

    And up 500 usd but can stretch higher if needed. Obviously the cheaper the better.
    I was thinking cube thinker but the screen is only 180 degrees may have to get that if no better option 🙁

    Thanks in advance

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