Powerhouse Tech Deals – Xiaomi Mi Air 12 at $499 and Mi Air 13 at just $739

Catch this 3 day limited stocks sale of the Xiaomi Mi Air Ultrabooks. The Xiaomi Mi Air 12 at just $499 and the Xiaomi Mi Air 13 at just $739.

Take note that the versions on Sale comes with a Chinese version of Windows 10. But don’t worry, I have a guide that will help you easily change it to Windows with no fuss. You can check it also here.  Guide: Xiaomi Mi Air 12/13 to English Windows 10.


You can also check out my Full Review of The Xiaomi Mi Air 12 here.

Aside from the Xiaomi Mi Air 12 and 13, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 is also on sale at just $199.

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