Oukitel A28 – Ultra affordable Smartwatch at $51

The Oukitel A28 is an affordable all around Smartwatch and also a great fitness companion.

SpecsOukitel A28
MemoryRAM: 128 MB
ROM: 32 MB
OSAndroid 4.4 and iOS 7.0 above
Display1.54 inch, IPS,
240 x 240 pixels
FitnessHealth Tracker, Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Sedentary Monitor
FunctionsRemote Control, Camera Remote, Music Remote, Voice Control, Sync Contacts, Bluetooth Synchronization, Find my Phone, Instant Messaging Sync, Wake up Screen, Sync Contacts
DesignIP53 Waterproof, Dustproof, Sweat Proof, Aluminum and Leather Strap
Dimensions48x 40 x 12.3 cm
Weight: 58g
Ports2 Flat Pin Plug
Battery250mAh (100hrs standby)

Oukitel A28 (Updated Jan 26, 2016)
The Oukitel A28 retails at $51
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The new Oukitel A28 incorporates what a Smartwatch should have. Good design, aesthetics and Fitness Apps. All these are included in what can be describe as a better alternative to Apple’s Smartwatch.  Plus, you don’t need to spend more.

Unlike other Smartwatches, the Oukitel A28 strikes a balance between style and functionality. The low  profile design especially pleases me, it doesn’t look like any other cheap Smartwatches you can buy in the market. The build quality is top notch, the design is clearly done right, the Screen especially is clear even on direct sunlight. A feature by the way is very important. Furthermore, the straps are of leather composite and doesn’t irritate my skin, probably of hypo-allergic material.

Talking about the screen, the 1.54 inch IPS display has very good color saturation and the viewing angles are perfect. I think this is the best feature of the device. It’s very responsive and the IP53 water resistance is clearly visible. This means, the screen is still very much responsive even damped or wet (wet fingers or sweaty fingers). Although the watch is not technically Waterproof (submerged), that is another story.

When it comes to fitness, you will find everything you want on this watch. The Pedometer works great and the heart rate sensor is 90% accurate, as far as i have tested.

Tethering to your phone via Bluetooth is also easy, it manages to connect to my bluetooth connection easily. Plus, the watch is readily compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. Take note, Android 4.4 Kitkat and above and iOS 7.0 and later. The purpose of the compatibility is the Application, which you need to download first before you can use the watch to work in together with your phone. This includes Message Notifications, Remote Capture, Dialer, etc… Where you can find this App? Just use the App (Bar code reader) and scan the bar code provided by the watch, it will directly put you to the site directly. After that, everything is in order.

Using these extra added features adds new flare to the device, i especially like the remote capture option, it takes control of your phones camera, especially handy when taking selfies. The Message notification is also very much welcome, although it is limited to notification and not sending text. The Phone Dialer and Phonebook allows the user to remotely contact or call someone, but it does have it’s quirks, especially if you have Dual SIM and have not yet, set up which sim to use directly. Then this option doesn’t seem to work. Aside from that, everything works great.

Duration and usability, as a watch alone, the battery will last you about 3 to 4 days before needing a charge again. But tethered to Bluetooth, that is another question, depending on the demand of your use, you can clearly see that the battery drains rather quickly. But, still is acceptable, it is able to last a whole day of use (heavy) before needing another charge. Speaking about charging, the phone has a adapter (for MicroUSB 2.0) that connects underneath, charging usually takes about an hour.

Although it’s an impressive device, i do have some misgivings, the design is indeed good and better than other Smartwatches in the market, but unfortunately, it’s rather big. I mean, it is thick, you can clearly see it bulge on your hand. But that reason is still very much subjective, and individual preference vary.

Conclusion, speaking honestly, i am not a fan of Smartwatches, but the Oukitel A28 really did excite me. My past experiences weren’t all that great (especially with the cheap ones), but with the Oukitel A28, it was different. The watch did stand out when i wore it and many by standers are asking if it was Apple’s new Smartwatch. Because it didn’t look cheap, many thought it was expensive. Another stand out of the watch is probably the features, Fitness addicts will find this watch a joy. Everything you need is here.

Oukitel a28 pics

Highlights of Oukitel A28:

  • Above average build quality, Material are top notch
  • IPS Screen has very wide viewing angles and good color reproduction
  • Leather Strap (hypoallergenic)
  • Low Profile Design
  • IP53 water resistant screen
  • Easy tethering via Bluetooth (problem free)
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices
  • Heart Rate Sensor works great as well as the Pedometer
  • Manuals have English available


  • Rather Thick (but depends on preference)
Oukitel A28 Updated Jan 6, 2016
The Oukitel A28 retails at $52
Other Smartwatches available here

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