My Top 5 Ultrabooks or 2 in 1 Convertibles – The best value so far

Here is my top 5 recommended Ultrabooks that offers the best bang for your buck.

1. Cube thinker i35 – Ultimate Ultrabook and Laptop Hybrid

What is great about it?

  • It is a hybrid laptop and Surface Book in 1. It comes with a Fully laminated 3K resolution display with support for the same Surface Book Stylus
  • It offers Kaby Lake Performance with 8 GB Dual Channel Memory and 240GB of SSD Storage to boot
  • It also comes with a fast Dual Band Wireless Chipset
  • The build quality is all premium, with similar build to the Xiaomi Mi Air 12

What can you use it for? It is best for Photoshop, Video Editing, Gaming (dota 2 and CS Go) runs smooth and other apps. Basically, one of the best hybrid  Ultrabooks you can find

Some cons:

  • Like the Xiaomi Mi Air 12, it comes with an inactivated Windows10 English version, so you will need to purchase separately

Cube Thinker Notebook at $589 (price until July 10) – More info here

2. Xiaomi Mi Air 12 – The Best Macbook Lookalike

I still consider this the best Ultrabook you can buy. It is of course a Macbook Clone, and obviously from Xiaomi, so you know it will be a copy of something. But it has one of the best Keyboard and Touchpad available on a notebook. I would say the same experience with the real Macbook

What makes it great?

  • It delivers Skylake performance, with 4 GB RAM and 128 GB Samsung SSD Storage. Even with the release of Kaby Lake, when it comes to price to performance ratio, this is still on top of my list
  • The build quality is simply premium, it is all aluminum, very solid, and up until now, I am still using it. It is also light and portable, you can easily carry this around on your travels.
  • The Sapphire 1080p Edge to Edge Glass is simply Gorgeous, up until now I did not see any dead pixels or problems
  • The notebook also runs cool even on high load, although it is not as fast as other Skylake Powered devices because of CPU downclock. The advantage is that, it remains cool all the time. With a maximum  temp only reaching highs of 55C, which is really great.

What can you use it for? All around notebook, you can use it for photoshop, moderate gaming (Dota 2, CS Go), Light Video Editing

Some cons:

  • It comes with an Inactivated Windows 10 English version, so you need to purchase separately
  • It is also non-touch screen, in fact, all the models are non touch screens

Xiaomi Mi Air 12 at $459.99 (Use Coupon Code: KAir12L) – More info here


3. Cube Mix Plus – The most affordable Kaby Lake Tablet

What is great about it?

  • The Cube Mix Plus is faster than the Xiaomi Mi Air 12 and about the same performance with the Cube Thinker Notebook, but it is miles cheaper than these two.
  • It also offers 4 GB RAM and 128 GB of fast SSD Storage to boot
  • The tablet supports Wacom Stylus with 1024 pressure sensitivity
  • It is blistering on gaming, you can play Dota 2 even on medium 1080p at 40fps
  • It also has no problems running Video Editing applications
  • You can draw, take notes or do non professional graphic work via the built in apps

What can you use it for? It is a small but powerful tablet, gaming is no problem, video editing is fast and you can also do Drawings via the Wacom Stylus.

Some Cons:

  • It is a reboot of the Cube i7 Book, so no major changes in terms of the desigh
  • It also runs hot, can get 90C plus on 100% Full load
  • Photoshop performance is also terrible, the Palm rejection feature doesn’t work perfectly

Cube Mix Plus at $369 (price until July 10)More info here


4. Chuwi Hi13 – Another Surface Book Clone

What makes it great?

  • The screen is probably it’s best asset, 3K Display and support for a 1024 Sensitivity HiPen H3 Stylus, which works flawlessly on most built in Windows 10 apps
  • It comes with an Activated Windows 10 Application
  • The build quality is also all premium which also includes the keyboard and the high performance touchpad
  • It also comes with a fast and stable Dual Band WiFi support
  • Battery life is also quite long, around 7-8 hours per charge, and it also charges fast via the USB Type C

What should you use it for?

  • It is ideal for note-taking, web browsing and non-professional drawings or graphics via  built in apps such as Sketchpad and paint.

Some Cons:

  •  Performance on Photoshop is horrible, the Chipset cannot keep up with the 3K Screen
  • The N3450 Celeron Chip is not great for gaming (Dota 2 runs at less than 20fps) – Unplayable
  • It is heavy, you should consider having a 2kg Ultrabook with the Keyboard already.

Availability: Chuwi Hi13 retails at $299 (price until June 11) – More info here


5. Chuwi Apollo Lapbook – Cheap but great notebook

Competitively priced with the Jumper Ezbook 3 Pro, The Chuwi Apollo Lapbook is another affordable laptop that offers great all in one functionality.

What is great about it?

  • It has a bigger 14.1 inch Anti Glare Matte screen
  • The 1080p screen offers better image quality compared to the Ezbook Pro 3
  • It comes with Dual Band WiFi Support
  • Even with plastic build, the keyboard and touchpad offers good overall performance
  • Great Battery life 7-8 hours of casual use
  • Modest Performance on the N3450 Apollo Lake Chipset with 4 GB RAM

What can you use it for? It is an all in one multimedia laptop. It offers good overall performance and it comes with

  • Compared to the Ezbook 3 Pro, it is mostly plastic (build)
  • It does heat up more compared to the Ezbook Pro 3
  • only 4 GB RAM compared to 6 GB on the Ezbook 3 Pro

Chuwi Lapbook Apollo at $219 (Use Coupon Code: CHUWIER)More info here


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