LeTV Foldable Electric Scooter – Skateboard and Scooter in 1

The LeTV Foldable Electric Scooter is fun outdoor toy that you can use for traveling, you can use it as a skateboard or even a scooter.

Highlights of the LeTV Electric Scooter:

  • Foldable Scooter (Skateboard and scooter hybrid)
  • built in GPS
  • has built in Bluetooth
  • Weigh just 7.7kg
  • 14 km rated mileage (maximum)
  • Solid Tyre (puncture and explosion proof)
  • Maximum payload of 90kg
  • Maximum speed of up to 20km/hr
SpecsLeTV Folding Electric Scooter
HighlightsGPS built in
Bluetooth Connectivity
Mileage: 8-15km
Maximum Speed: 20km/hr
Tyre and MotorSolid Tyre (non puncture type)
Rated Rotor Power: 250W
Wheel size: 21.7 cm front
20cm rear tyre
Dimensions100 x 36.7 x 92.2 cm
Weight: 7.7kg
Maximum Payload: 90kg
Battery5460mAh LiPo (Battery Management System)
Charging: 2.5hrs
Rated Voltage: 24V
Maximum Motor Power: 280W
Input Charging Voltage: 29.4V

Availability? (June 26)

LeTV Foldable Electric Scooter retails at $298 – Buy here

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