Kaideng Pantomna K80 Full Review – An Awesome Modular Quad

A surprisingly great beginner quad that offers great flight experience and it will literally teach you how to fly perfectly.

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  • Great build quality, resilient to crashes
  • Looks great and transmitter looks solid even for a cheap quad
  • Auto hover feature works perfectly
  • Easy to operate and control
  • Transmitter works flawlessly, binds to drone at less than 2 seconds without fail
  • Stable flight, pitch, yaw controls are very responsive
  • 360 degree flips works and easy to pull off
  • Battery charges in just 90 minutes, you can also use a 5V Smartphone Charger


  • Modules sold separately, RTF (Ready to Fly) version has a dummy Module
  • Speed 1 is slow and struggles with wind
  • Headless mode can get skewed
  • only 5-6 minutes flight time, you might need to buy the battery module for more flight time

Verdict: Highly recommended quad especially for beginners, it will literally teach you how to fly

SpecsKaideng Pantonma K80
HighlightsPlug-in Modular Design (battery, camera, collision avoidance)
Headless Mode
6 Axis Gyroscope
One Key Automatic Return
Brushed Motors
360 degrees 3D Eversion
6-7 minutes flight time (battery module)
Transmitter2.4GHz Wireless Remote Transmitter
Channels: 4
Mode: 2 Left Hand Throttle
Control Distance: 100 meters
Dimensions33 x 33 x 7 cm
Weight: 111g
Battery 3.7V/ 650mAh
Charging time: 90 mins

Not only Affordable but awesome Beginner Quad

If you are a beginner and looking for a great Quad, then the Kaideng Pantomna K80 is your great choice. It will literally teach you how to use stunts and fly. The Auto Launch feature, 360 degree rolls and operation controls of the transmitter are very easy to understand and responsive. The transmitter will remind you if your 360 roll is done perfectly and also speed 3 makes it very agile and sportive. Probably my biggest complaint is the less than stellar flight time, but with a separate purchase of the Battery module, it will give you a bit more juice.

AVAILABILITY (Updated May 21, 2017)

Kaideng Pantonma K80 retails at $47 – Buy here

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