Jide Remix SK1-W – Android Tablet with a touch of Windows

The Jide Remix SK1-W is a 2 in 1 convertible productivity focused Ultrabook running Remix OS, Nvidia Tegra 4 with a Surface Pro type Kickstand and Keyboard layout

Nvidia Tegra 4 Quad Core 1.8GHz Quad Core
GPU: Geforce ULP
TF-Card support up to 128 GB (exp storage)
OS Remix
DISPLAY 11.6″ IPS 16:9 Ratio
1920 x 1080 pixels
Front: 5.0 mp
CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth 4.0
2.4/5GHz Dual Band WiFi
micro USB 2.0 (USB Host OTG)
PERIPHERALS Detachable Keyboard
AUDIO AAC Dual Speakers
I/O 1 x 3.5mm Audio Port
1x Micro HDMI Port
1x TF Card Slot
1x Micro USB 2.01x 4 Pin Magnetic Charging (Magtouch Port)
DIMENSIONS 295* 189* 9.5 mm
Weight: 844g
BATTERY built-in 8100mAh
AVAILABILITY (June 22, 2016)
Jide Remix SK1-W retails at $162 (presale)
Ships on June 30

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The Jide Remix SK1-W teases with Remix OS and Nvidia Tegra 4 chipset to boot. Not only that, it also offers a Surface Pro like kickstand and Keyboard Layout.

So what is Remix OS?

It is basically an Operating system based on Android, but offers other features you normally don’t see on the native OS. Such features include Multitasking feature, Taskbar and other features you see on Windows. It means, these features are integrated on the Android system but still grants you access to millions of Android Apps in the market. It is a productivity centered OS, allowing you to combine a PC and Android on one system. See video below for more info.

Nvidia Tegra 4 Chipset

It’s nothing new, we saw Nvidia Tegra 4 before, but sadly it wasn’t well received, especially that it was labelled as a Gaming Chipset, but doesn’t really fair well compared to the competition. Anyways, It is also only supports Android, so we won’t be seeing Windows or Dual OS anytime soon, i think. But in terms of performance, it’s offers pretty good performance especially in gaming where the Geforce ULP chipset that many games can take advantage.

Possibly a good value Remix Ultrabook

It’s still in presale mode, but looking at the advantage of Remix Os, it’s going to be a good fit especially for those who want more productivity but don’t really want a Windows 10 landscape. Because, let’s face it, Windows itself is fairly limited in terms of Apps and struggles on most part expect if your system is a beast. And thus, the Jide Remix SK1-W is probably a great pick up.

Jide Remix SK1-W pic 2

Jide Remix SK1-W

Note: compare this tablet to other similar tablets: Tablet Guide

Highlights of Jide Remix SK1-W:

  • Powered by  Nvidia Tegra 4 Chipset
  • Geforce ULP Graphics Chipset
  • 4 GB RAM and 64 GB Storage (supports Expandable storage)
  • 11.6″ 1080p Display
  • Runs Remix OS (based on Android system)
  • Focused more on Multitasking
  • Surface Pro layout and kick stand design
  • Detachable Keyboard (Magnetic Port)
  • Dual Band 2.4/5GHz WiFi Support
  • 8100mAh
  • Magnetic Charging Port (Magtouch)

What’s possibly missing?

  • No USB Type C Port
  • Only 2 GB RAM available
AVAILABILITY (June 22, 2016)
Jide Remix SK1-W retails at $162 (presale)
Ships on June 30

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