Is the Cube Thinker 3K Notebook better than the Xiaomi Mi Air 12?

The Cube Thinker is touted as the Xiaomi Mi Air 12 killer, and I have listed some reasons why you should get it or not. Just how good is the Cube Thinker?

SpecsCube ThinkerXiaomi Mi Air 12
Chipset7th Gen Intel Core M3-7Y30 Kaby Lake
GPU: Intel HD615
6th Gen Intel Core M3-7Y30 Skylake
GPU: Intel HD615
MemoryRAM: 8 GB (1867MHz)
RAM: 4 GB (1867MHz)
ROM: 128 GB Samsung M.2 SATA SSD
OSChinese Windows 10Chinese Windows 10
Display13.5" IPS 3K Fully Laminated
Touch Screen, Stylus Support
12.5" IPS 1080p Sapphire Glass
Non-Touch Screen
ConnectivityWiFi 802.11 AC 3165, BTIntel Dual Band 8260, BT
KeyboardNon Backlit
180 degrees Yoga Style
120 degrees
AudioRealtekAKG Dolby
IO2x Standard USB 3.0
1x USB Type C
1x USB Type C
1x USB 3.0 Standard
Price$616 (promo price, no Stylus)$479 (promo)

Reasons why you should get the Cube Thinker Notebook:

  • Hybrid between a Tablet and Notebook, 180 degree Screen Rotation, similar to the Yoga Laptops
  • Faster Kaby Lake Chipset (seen on benchmark results)
  • 8 GB RAM out of the box
  • 240 gb SSD out of the box
  • 13.5 inch “Fully Laminated” 3K Display and Touch Screen
  • Supports Stylus with 1024 Pressure sensitivity
  • Fingerprint Scanner (Unlocking)
  • 2x Standard USB 3.0 Slots
  • Battery life is about even 6-7 hours
  • Screen hinge is firm and doesn’t easily topple

Reasons why not?

  • It runs hot, even on light to moderate use, it can easily go up to 80C+
  • Non Back-lit Keyboards
  • Heavy at 1.7kg and the 13.5 dimensions, means you need a much bigger bag to carry this around
  • Chinese version of Windows 10 (although both have this issue)

In case your wondering, the Chuwi Thinker is also priced $616, a tad more pricey compared to the Xiaomi Mi Air 12

A hybrid Tablet and Notebook in one, plus it has a Fully Laminated Screen

Some of the key advantages of the Cube Thinker, is the more advance features. And some of these features you can see are missing on the Xiaomi Mi Air 12. Probably one of its best selling points is the 3K Touch Screen that is also fully laminated, which we often don’t see on most Chinese Manufactured Ultrabooks. It is a bit pricey but as you can see, the features and premium build Quality seems well worth it. It is like an upgraded version of the Chuwi Hi13, which has a much better screen and better overall hardware. And lastly, if you want a hybrid Notebook, one that can do it all, the the Cube Thinker is the better choice.

Reasons to get the Xiaomi Mi Air 12

  • Samsung M.2 SATA SSD Drives
  • Better Thermals, 30C on Idle and maxes out at 55°C on Full Load
  • Better Speakers, it sounds crispier with bass
  • Screen is Glass to Glass with Sapphire Protection
  • Much faster Dual Band WiFi Chipset
  • Lighter at just 1.07kg and frankly much more portable and perfect for travel (easily fits a small bag)
  • Battery life is about even 6-7 hours
  • Cheaper than the Cube Thinker

Reasons not to get the Xiaomi Mi Air 12?

  • Pure Notebook and sticks close to the Macbook Air look
  • To maintain ideal temps, the CPU under-clocks a lot especially on full load
  • Non Touch Panel, even the more premium Xiaomi Mi Air 13, and Mi Air 13 Ultimate doesn’t offer it
  • Chinese version of Windows 10 (although both have this issue)
  • Limited to only 1 USB 3.0 Standard Slot
  • The screen hinge is a bit soft, if you tilt the notebook, the screen will also tilt

The Xiaomi Mi Air 12 currently retails at $479 which is now a bargain.

Light, Portable, Pure Notebook and a great Travel Companion

The Xiaomi Mi Air 12 is basically a Pure Laptop, but I still love it as my daily driver. Having used it for months already, it is still going strong. No issues whatsoever when it comes to heating, and Performance, although I don’t really use the laptop for heavy video Editing works. It runs cool, and perhaps the best temps of any notebook that I had. and the screen is great also, albeit a 1080p screen only. Moreover, the Dual Band WiFi is much more dependable and the AKG are one of the best that I have ever tested. If you are always on the move and would love a reliable notebook, then look no further to the Xiaomi Mi Air 12.

So, which one would I choose?

Well, that depends really for your use. The Cube Thinker with the 3K Fully Laminated Touch screen, Stylus Support and Kaby Lake would probably be well suited for graphic artists. I think it is meant for that anyway. Meanwhile, the Xiaomi Mi Air 12 is a Notebook, which is great all around multimedia, gaming and easy to carry. So, I have already placed the pros and cons above, which one do you prefer?


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