Intel Tablet and Ultrabook Promotions – up to $15 off

Here is a superb promotion for you, Intel powered tablets and Ultrabooks. Get up to 15% on selected Tablets and Ultrabooks. Use the Coupon codes to get bargain prices.

Intel Tablets and Ultrabook Promos

Use Coupon Code: TAB100-5 (for products above $100to get $5 off)

Use Coupon Code: TAB200-15  (for products above $200 to get $15 off)

Chuwi Hi9 $168 (price until March 13)  Read more

Alldocube Knote 8 $574 Use Coupon Code: TAB200-15 Read more

Jumper Ezpad 6 Plus $279 Use Coupon Code: EZPAD6PLUS read more

Jumper EZbook 3 Pro (64gb eMMC) $249 Use Coupon Code: BOOKPRO read more

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro (Core i5, 8+256GB) $984 Use Coupon Code: TAB200-15 Read more

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro (Core i7, 16+256GB) $1103 Use Coupon Code: TAB200-15

Xiaomi Mi Air 13 (Core i5, 256GB SSD) $828 Use Coupon Code: XMNB03 Read more

Xiaomi Mi Air 13 (Core i7, 256GB) $859 Use Coupon Code: I7MIAIR Read more

Lenovo P8 4G LTE $193 (price until March 3) read more

Lenovo P8 (Standard) $169 (price until March 12) Read more

YEPO 737A (6+64gb) $259 (price until March 11) Read more

Onda V80 $79 Use Coupon Code: V80NEW Read more

MSI GL62M-7RD at $905 Use Coupon Code: TAB200-15 Read more

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