Intel Atom Cherry Trail Video Encoding Performance on Adobe Premier Pro CC

Also a good question is, How does the Intel Atom Cherry Trail X5-Z8300 compare to the more expensive Skylake Core M3 Chipsets in terms of Video Encoding.
Even though the answer is quite obvious, that Skylake would destroy the Atom Chip. It is also good to know that Adobe Premier Pro can run fine on an Atom Chip. And 1080p video encoding is quite possible, Although not for ideal use. You can refer to my video below as how it compares to the Skylake Chipset

The results were quite expected, but at least you know how it stacks compared to the more expensive chipsets. The full article is also available here

Skylake Core M3 is the performance model and on the video above, I compared the performance of the three Xiaomi Mi Air 12, Cube i7 Book and the Cube i9. Guess who wins…


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