Incredible price drops on the Xiaomi Mi Notebook, Cube i9, Cube i7 Zealot etc – valid until Sept 30

A limited 2 day price drops on selected popular tablets and Ultrabooks are ongoing. Hurry The sale is valid until Sept 10, 2016



The Xiaomi Mi Notebook 12.5 retails at just $595 from the original of $607. valid until Sept 10 only. Currently available on sale is the Mi Notebook 12.5 version.



The Cube i7 Zealot or Book 2 also retails at $294 (Flash Sale valid until Sept 30). For those who don’t know about the tablet, it is a reboot and is equipped with the latest Skylake Chipset and supports Wacom Stylus.



The Cube i9 also gets a huge price drop, retails at $376 (Flash Sale valid until Sept 30). valid also until Sept 10. The Cube i9 is a surface pro pattern Ultrabook and equipped with the latest Skylake Chipset.



The Cube iWork11 Stylus retails at $220. It is a modest tablet powered by Intel Atom X5 Chip but supports Wacom Stylus



Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Android 64 version at $248. It is a iPad Mini look alike tablet but offers one of the best builds, and performance of any 8.0 inch tablet in the market.

There are also other tablets not included in this list. For the complete lists go here


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