Great Tablet Choices this February

Before February is over, here are some great tablet selections that you should not miss.

Cube i7 Stylus, from the name itself, it refers to Wacom Stylus support. Not only that, it is also quite a powerful tablet, at its innards is a powerful Intel Core M-5Y10C processor, which is twice as powerful as the latest Cherry Trail Atom processor but also more efficient. A great advantage of this tablet is the SATA SSD Storage, it is also a Transformer Tablet, meaning, it supports Detachable Keyboard Dock. It also has Standard USB 3.0 Support. The tablet right now is cheaper than the Teclast X2 Pro, but i think it offers better value and features.

teclast x2 pro featured pic

Teclast X2 Pro, it uses the same Intel Core M chipset of the Cube i7 Stylus, but only has a slower eMMC storage instead of SSD. The tablet also only supports Active Stylus (256 pressure sensitivity). The display is a 1080p FHD resolution and the tablet also makes use of USB 3.0 (standard port). The tablet is also a Transformer tablet, with detachable keyboard dock support which is optional.

Surface Pro look alike

chuwi hi12 featured image

The Chuwi Hi12 is probably the closest thing to the Surface Pro, although the aesthetics is also leaning towards the iPad Pro. The screen ratio is similar to Surface Pro, and is also a big 12 inch tablet, perhaps the biggest tablet available not including the Ultrabooks listed. However, in terms of specs, it’s really not that powerful, it has a modest X5-8300 Cherry Trail processor and a good Retina Display. You have also multiple options of interface such as standard USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports available. The tablet also comes with a giant 11,000mAh battery, which is probably a great thing considering the tablets size. There are actually 2 versions of this tablet, the other more expensive one supports Stylus. (Active Stylus)

YoGa Style Ultrabooks

voyo a1 plus ultimate featured pic

Voyo A1 Plus Ultimate or Voyo V3 Vbook, both tablets head to head are quite similar, the only major difference is the size, the V3 Vbook is a bit bigger, measuring at 13 inches. Also these are not necessarily tablets, but more incline to Ultrabooks, specifically Yoga Style Ultrabooks. These devices have non-detachable keyboards but their shafts rotate 360 degrees (similar to the Lenovo Yoga, probably the inspiration for this product). Again specs are almost identical, and they both support Active Stylus, which is different from Wacom, Active Stylus only supports up to 256 pressure points, and not necessarily for the hardcore users .

onda obook 10 ultrabook featured image

Onda oBook 11 and Onda oBook 10. The Onda oBook 11 is similar to the Voyo Vbook series, it is a Yoga Style Ultrabook . On the other hand, the Onda oBook10, is a much cheaper but transformer tablet (meaning the keyboard is detachable). In terms of specs, both devices uses the Cherry Trail X5-8300 chipset, but oBook10 comes ahead with 4 GB of RAM at stock. But in terms of display, the oBook11 comes back with a much higher 1080p display, justified also by its higher cost. The oBook11 is more a laptop than a tablet, but in the oBook10, you need to purchase the keyboard separately, something to keep in mind.

pipo work w9s featured image

Pipo Work W9s is also an Ultrabook but it’s not a Yoga Style Ultrabook but more of a standard 14 inch size Laptop. What’s different is that the device uses a TN Panel instead of IPS and is limited to 720p HD resolution. In terms of design, it is probably Macbook Air inspired but does offer Standard USB 3.0 support available and a decent 10,000mAh battery. Viewing angles might not be as good as other IPS panel tablets, as well as the fixed screen angle might not please everyone. But it is a fairly cheap laptop.

Affordable Tablets with Wacom Stylus Support

cube iwork11 stylus featured image

Cube iWork11 Stylus, the tablet uses Wacom Stylus (1024 pressure point sensitivity), the same one you see with the more premium Cube i7. The tablet is not as fast as the Cube i7, but it is a cheaper but offers pretty much the same features. The tablet is Transformer Tablet, meaning you do have to purchase the magnetic keyboard (dock) optionally as well as the Stylus (not included in the stock package). If you are into productivity use, more on drawings, designs etc… then this tablet will probably up to your mark.

iPad Mini or iPad Air Copycats

xiaomi mi pad 2 cover pic

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 considered the best iPad Mini Copycat, the base version of the Mi Pad 2 is currently at its lowest price yet. Speaking of specs, Mi Pad 2 is equipped with Intel Atom X5-8300 Quad Core processor with 2 GB RAM and runs either Android or Windows 10, it also has a gorgeous Retina Display and makes use of USB type C Connector for faster charging and data transfers. One big drawback of the tablet is the lack of MicroSD support, and Dual OS support seems to be sketchy, specially that Xiaomi said there will be no Dual OS version available.

onda v919 air ch

Onda V919 CH, continuing with the iPad copycats, the tablet is a reboot, and has gone plenty of hardware changes this coming months. It is similar to the BayTrail version, but is now a bit more powerful. The iPad Air’s resemblance Air’s resemblance is uncanny. The Tablet also comes with a good Retina Display. Unfortunately, just like any other Reboot Tablets, it is limited to USB 2.0, and aside from the obvious chipset changes, there is nothing unique.

Reboot Tablets

pipo w1s cover picPipo has really been one of the great recommendations for Reboot tablets. The Pipo W1s is no exception. In terms of hardware, the tablet packs a modest Intel Atom Cherry X5-8300 Quad Core and 4 GB RAM. The tablet also sports a gorgeous 1080p FHD display. Another great plus of the tablet is it readily supports USB 3.0, a feature we rarely see on some Reboot Tablets. Furthermore, the tablet is a Transformer tablet and thus supports Magnetic Keyboard Support (Optional).

Sub$100 dollar tablets

teclast x80 plus featured imageThe Teclast X80 Plus, gets a reboot and now comes with Cherry Trail chipset underneath, it uses the same X5-8300 Cherry Trail chipset and comes only 720p HD. On the other hand, the Teclast X80 Pro version offers a 1080p FHD display. However, most of the features appear to be the same.

chuwi vi8 plus featured image 2The Chuwi Vi8 Plus is another Ultra affordable Reboot Tablet. It is a Sub$100 tablet that fortunately comes with USB Type C Connector (reversible), which is something missing on most tablets. In terms of specs, it packs a modest Intel Atom Cherry X5-8300 Chipset with 2 GB RAM and a 720p HD, not really powerhouse deals, but for the price, it is well worth it.

onda v820w ch featured imageThe Onda V820W CH, for fans of the iPad Mini lookalike, the tablet bares close resemblance, but is also a Reboot. If you are in a budget, it is also a great choice, as it offers the same X5-8300 Cherry Trail Chipset as most tablet nowadays. It is also a Dual OS tablet, meaning you get the 2 OS in one device.


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