Flash Sales incoming – Xiaomi Mi 6 at $469, Xiaomi Mi Air 12 at $489 etc…

Here are some of the Flash Sales currently brewing right now. You can get the Xiaomi Mi 6 at just $469, Xiaomi Mi Air 12 at just $489 and the Cube Thinker at $612.

Below is the sneak peak on the Smartphone Sales, popular phones like the Xiaomi Mi 6, Mi5s, Vernee are now up for grabs

Also included on the sales are tablet and notebook deals that are now much cheaper. Popular Notebooks like the Cube Thinker Notebook, Xiaomi Mi Air 12 are now at a bargain

Also, there is a Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 Giveaway, you can join below

For the complete lists of promotions and sales, you can visit here: Tablet Buyer’s Guide

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