End of April Tablet and Ultrabook Deals – Cube Thinker, Xiaomi Mi Air at $479 and Chuwi Hi13 at $319 (limited time)

Here are some awesome Tablet and Ultrabook Deals this April, which finally includes the awaited Cube Thinker 3K Kaby Lake Notebook and other big price drops on popular Ultrabooks.

The Cube Thinker 3K Notebook is finally here and it is touted by the Xiaomi Mi Air 12 killer. Get it while it’s hot…

Other big price drops on Ultrabook and Tablet deals includes the Xiaomi Mi Air 12, Chuwi Hi13 and the Xiaomi Mi Air 13 (Core i5), all of which are great choices.

Read more info and reviews here:

You can also find the full lists of bargains here: Tablet buyer’s guide

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