Elfin Book – Water resistant re writable Notebook

The Elfin book is probably a students best friend. You can write your ideas, erase them or back them up via cloud.

SpecsElfin Book
FeaturesMade of Stone
Water Resistant
Cloud Backup
AppElfin Book App (scan for cloud backup)
supported by iOS 8.0 and Android 4.1 above
Reusable1. Can be erased by damp cloth
2. Can be erased by top of the pen
3. Can be erased by hot air
Dimensions176 x 250 mm
Pages: 50
Material: Stone

Availability? Elfin Book retails at $16 (price until Aug 14)

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Highlights of the Elfin Book:

  • Reusable Notebook
  • Can be erased easily
  • Cloud backup via App
  • Water resistant
  • Made of Stone

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