Cube Mix Plus Unboxing and First Hands on – Cube i7 Book Upgraded?

The Cube Mix Plus is the successor to the Cube i7 Book but does it offer major changes? The Ultrabook flaunts the new Intel Kaby Core Chipset which currently replaces Skylake.

This video is a bit late, sorry for that. Anyway, the Cube Mix Plus is probably the most affordable Kably Lake Ultrabook Available. And if you want great raw performance, then look no further to this refreshing take on Kaby lake. Although it might as well be an upgraded Cube i7 Book, it still a pretty solid affordable Tablet.

Price? Cube Mix Plus (released 2017) – $349 (Use Coupon Code: Cubemix21) – valid until March 1

First Impressions:

  • Design and Aesthetics is Identical to the Cube i7 Book
  • Only major change is the color, silver rear panel and white borders
  • Similar keyboard to the Cube i7 Book also
  • Premium Build, Keyboard is also above average
  • All Aluminum Keyboard
  • runs Licensed version of 64 bit Windows 1o Home Edition
  • USB Type C, USB 3.1 (needs adapter) and MicroSD Card Slots
  • 128 GB Foresee SSD Drive (doubles the storage of the Cube i7 Book)
  • Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 3165 (identical to the Cube i7 Book)
  • 10.6 inch IPS 1080p Display, 16:9 Ratio
  • Electromagnetic Screen (Supports Wacom Stylus)

What I need to look more into on my upcoming review:

  • Temps, if it still runs hot, which was the problem of the Cube i7 Book
  • How much does Kaby Core improve compared to Skylake
  • Stylus Experience, I am disappointed with my first hands on

Price? Cube Mix Plus (released 2017) – $349 (Use Coupon Code: Cubemix21) – valid until March 1

Basically, an upgraded Cube i7 Book

That is my first impression of the new Cube Mix Plus. Basically, no design changes had been made, as added ports. If you own the an Cube i7 Book, then you will not be easily pleased with the Cube Mix Plus. Covered on the video is the aesthetic similarities, and on my upcoming review, I will be looking more into the performance upgrade into Kaby Lake, and How that fairs to Skylake. Also a great look is the Temps, if Cube has improved the cooling performance.

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