Cube Mix Plus and Cube i7 Book Tablet Comparison – Kaby Lake versus Skylake, how much has improved?

Here is an in-depth comparison between the Cube Mix Plus and the Cube i7 Book. And answers, what has the latest Kaby Core Tablet bring to the table on 2017.

The video below is a comprehensive look at the key differences and similarities between these two premium tablets. The Cube Mix Plus is the successor to last years Cube i7 Book, and how much has really improved and has Cube made any improvements to make the tablet even better? The video below answers all those questions.

Where can you get? The Cube Mix Plus retails at $420

In Summary,

  1. The Cube Mix Plus is basically a refresh or reboot of the Cube i7 Book. The Design, IO placement, build, weight, keyboard compatibility is identical.
  2. The White bezels do make the Cube Mix Plus stand out, but the giant bezels also stands out even more
  3. Performance is indeed better, higher scores on benchmark tests
  4. Gaming Performance is similar to to Skylake, the 50MHz increase on real world gaming is not really noticeable.
  5. It runs hot, I think the thermal pads are similar to the Cube i7 Book, so no improvements on thermal cooling
  6. Idle temps range from 40-50 on Cold starts, after using 50-60°C range
  7. On Benchmarks Cinebench, 90°C + (thermal throttling is observed, 100-200MHz frequency decline)
  8. Gaming 80°C+
  9. Adobe Premier Pro (Heavy CPU use) 90°C Thermal Throttling also observed
  10. Aida64 CPU Stress Test 90° Thermal Throttling still seen

The Cube Mix plus is basically a minor update or refresh of the Cube i7 Book. I think Cube has neglected to even made improvements on the Cooling design as it runs scorching hot. The Cube i7 Book also ran hot, but at least it did not thermal throttled a lot, only 30MHz decrease on heavy use. And on most cases it did not go over 90°C. It is also noteworthy that Kaby Lake has indeed improvements on performance but more centered on CPU. Gaming is more or less the same. So, the Cube Mix Plus isn’t a major update but more or an update to a new Chipset.

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