Cube Mix Plus Adobe Premier Pro CC Performance – How fast is it in Video Encoding?

This video shows you how fast the Cube Mix Plus with a Kaby Lake Chipset in Video Encoding. Is it a major upgrade to the Skylake version?

Hello, this video is a continuation to my earlier article regarding the Xiaomi Mi Air 12, Cube i9 and Cube i7 Book and their performance on Video Encoding using Adobe Premier Pro CC. The Cube Mix Plus is the successor to the Cube i7 Book and comes with basically an upgraded CPU. Get a clear picture of the ups and downs of the new Chipset.

Questions answered on the video below:

    • Is Kaby Lake miles faster compared to last years Skylake Chipset?
    • How Fast is the new Chipset in terms of Video Encoding using Adobe Premier Pro CC
    • Are their any issues or thermal problems?
    • How fast is it compared to its older brother, the Cube i7 Book?

Where can you get? The Cube Mix Plus retails at $349

You can also watch the video below, it is an earlier video regarding the performance of Skylake based Chipsets such as Xiaomi Mi Air 12, Cube i9 and Cube i7 Book on Video Encoding. Who is the fastest?

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