Cube i7 Remix – take a peak at Remix OS

Instead of Dual Boot, the Remix integrates productivity within the Android Environment.

SpecsCube i7 Remix
Chipset64 bit Intel Atom Z3735F 1.8GHz Quad Core
GPU: Intel HD Gen 7
MemoryRAM: 2 GB LPDDR3
TF-Card support up to maximum 32 GB
OSRemix OS (based on Android 4.4)
Display11.6 inch, IPS, 10 multitouch
1920 x 1080 pixels, Retina
CamerasBack: 5.0 MP
Front: 2.0 MP
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Micro USB 2.0 (USB Host OTG)
FeaturesFold/PC/Tablet Mode, GPS, Multi window mode, 1080p video playback, preinstalled WPS Office
Ports1x Mini HDMI
1x Micro SD Slot
2x MicroUSB 2.0 Slot
1x 3.5mm Earphone Jack
Batterybuilt-in 8400mAh (8 hrs)
Dimensions209x122x 10 mm

Availability (Updated July 30, 2016)
Cube i7 Remix retails at $172 – Click Here

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The Cube i7 Remix is a productivity oriented tablet. It integrates seamless Multi-tasking, improves Spreadsheet capabilities in the Android environment. Allowing users to experience a smooth and Simpler user interface. The Remix OS is design for large tablets and works perfectly with Transformer type keyboards. As was stated, productivity capabilities are the focus.

A prominent feature is the addition of a taskbar (just like windows), open applications can easily be accessed (opened/closed). Multiple apps can be ran at once and also allows users to run applications on multiple windows and running in the background. The option sets the Cube i7 apart from other tablets, although Dual Boot tablets seem like a better option. But if you are not too keen on Windows Applications and games. And merely the occasional spreadsheet, then this tablet is perfect for you, no need to switch between OS.

At its core, the tablet is not too powerful, Powered by a standard clocked Intel Atom processor, it can manage most applications with ease as well as some light to moderate gaming. But heavy users may be disappointed with the experience. Although a redeeming aspect the Ultra High Pixel FHD Retina Display, which is especially welcomed on a Full Size Tablet. Let alone a large 11.6 inches.

Also, the keyboard unfortunately is not included in the package and requires separate purchase. Connectivity options are available only via WiFi, as well as Bluetooth, and also the option for Mini HDMI Port (up to 1080p video output). USB Host OTG is also natively supported (peripheral devices)

Underneath, you can find a 8400mAh battery which is rated to last up to 8 hours on a single charge. However, that number depends highly on the user preference, but at most on more frugal usage, the number seems close.

Overall, the Cube i7 Remix might not appeal to everyone, especially to gamers, the added amenities might not be welcome. But the tablet is geared for more productivity, and that means lesser on Multimedia usage, and thus, the tablet excels in this area. If you don’t need a Dual Boot tablet, then the Remix might be better suited for you, particularly with the added optimizations.

Highlights of Cube i7 Remix:

  • Remix OS improves multitasking
  • Adds Multi Window mode
  • Adds spreadsheet capabilities to Android
  • 8400mAh battery
  • Respectable gaming performance
  • 11.6 inch IPS Retina Display
  • USB Host OTG (Keyboard and other peripherals)
Availability (Updated July 30, 2016)
Cube i7 Remix retails at $172 – Click Here

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