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  1. Hi,

    I am looking for a high-end 10 inch tablet with 2 GB Ram, Retina true HD display resolution, 3G and built in GPS (the GPS must be present and is very important – not via external USB or Bluetooth!) If possible then the cameras should both be at least 2MP.

    Thank you for your advice.
    Kind regards,

  2. Hi,
    I am interested in the new Nextway F9X quad core,retina tablet. I have not heard of Nextway before, is it a new brand by an established manufacturer or a brand new maker started up recently ? Do they have a website that I can get information from ?
    At lastly, have you done a review on the Nextway F9x yet ? Is there any soft and/or hardware problems about this tablet ?
    Look forward to your reply .
    Thank you in advance

    1. hello eddie,
      unfortunately i cannot find the manufacturers website for nextway,
      if you want long term support firmware updates etc. then ill go for onda, ainol, pipo tablets, theyre more established
      in terms of problems, if you want software support to address any issues, then go for manufacturers that ive name.

      best regards,

  3. Vince:
    Congratulations… your site is very helpful
    I want to buy a 9-10 inch chinese tablet. I have seen these:
    Teclast P98HD
    Ramos W30 HD PRO
    Ainol Novo 9 SPARK (Firewire)
    Chuwi V99
    Onda V972 / Onda V973
    Pipo Max M8 PRO
    Considering: Quality, Specifications and Brand… Wich one would you buy? As a professor I wan to use it with a projector. Thanks in advance.

        1. Hello Jona,

          on your selection you, all of them supports micro USB, while some have mini HDMI Connection
          From experience, ive tested the Onda V972 (best display, i highly recommend getting REtina)
          my advice:
          go for retina display,
          go for larger batteries (10000) would be desired a minimum of 8000 mah
          go for Rockchip RK3188 Processor (much faster than allwinner a31
          i usually choose Ainol and Onda Brands,Pipo, Chuwi, Teclast (good brands)

          PS: please note that most of the tablets stock firmware are quite buggy so dont expect optimization to be on par with the real Ipad devices.
          Battery(because optimization is quite lacking, battery usually dont last quite long maybe 7 to 8 hours on moderate usage
          With regards to updating firmwares (ill be placing soon a guide on how flash)

          Best Regards,

  4. Hello, I need original ROM or a ROM update for the tablet ALPS 2000.
    Not working contacts and dialer application when I run it give me this error. I did a hard reset, but the error is still there. Therefore, I need to backup the original ROM or update.

    Tablet PC P2000, 9″ LCD, 480×767
    Manufacturer: alps
    Product: m72_nand_p2000
    Hardware: MT6572
    Build number: ALPS.JB3.MP.V1.12
    Android 4.2.2
    Baseband: MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V8, 2013/10/17 15:01
    Kernel: 3.4.5

    thank you

  5. Hi Vincent,

    Great site! I am having soo much trouble finding tablets with 802.11ac! What I am after is something like the isurface but with AC wireless that would tick all the boxes, do you know of anything like this?

    Many thanks AJ

  6. Greetings from NY

    I’m looking to get the Teclast X98 Air II or a similar tablet.

    How’s the reliability on these cheap tablets?

    1. Hello JA,

      Teclast and Pipo have great reputation when it comes to tablets, most users prefer them compared to other tablets in the market.

      Best Regards,

  7. hi vincent

    i want to discuss with you regarding selling of smart phones on your website – of different brands in south asia , india / pakistan / bangladesh / srilanka..

    please let me know if we can meet in person .. share your contact details


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