Chuwi HiPen H3 Stylus – Struggles on Photoshop?

My earlier review of the Chuwi HiPen H3 Stylus was rather unconvincing, so I made this second one, which tests the response time, pressure and overall performance of the Stylus.

Delayed Response time with Photoshop

As you have seen on the video above, there is significant delay on the response time only with Photoshop. Surprisingly, it only happens on Photoshop, and other built in Apps such as Paint, Sketchpad, OneNote and Sticky Notes works just fine or at least no noticeable delayed response time. This prompted me to see what is the fuss, probably the reason for this delay is related to the hardware….

  • Intel Apollo Lake Chipset isn’t powerful enough to handle a 3K Display, especially on demanding programs like Photoshop
  • Another would be about software bugs and needing improvements or tweaks from Chuwi for the Stylus to work properly.

Pressure sensitivity seems non existent on Photoshop

Also part of my test above is about difference in pressure gradient that affect how much is translated on the screen. Unfortunately, it also didn’t work on Photoshop, even with slight pressure, the same response was shown on the screen. However, on Sketchpad, you can clearly see the pressure sensor working fine here. I if just lightly scrape the screen, the response is also thin lines, but when I placed more pressure on a single stroke, you can see much darker or thicker lines.

Palmar Suspension works 99%

Palm Rejection works as it should on my test, it also worked fine on Photoshop despite the delay in response time.

Compared to the Cube Mix Plus Wacom Stylus

Well, when I also did test the Wacom Stylus, I did notice very slight delay, but not clearly noticeable and not as bad compared to the HiPen H3 Stylus. And on normal tasks, I don’t think anyone would notice it. You should also take note that the Cube Mix Plus is more powerful and only has a 1080p Display compared to 3K Display of the Chuwi Hi13, which I think is a bit taxing on the Apollo Lake Celeron Chip.

Great for everything else, just don’t use it yet on Photoshop

From the video above, I can recommend the Chuwi Hi13 stylus to those who wants note-taking, drawing using Sketchpad or other built in Windows Apps. For now, stay away from Photoshop, as it is not the best yet, when it comes to performance. I would on the other hand, recommend the Wacom Stylus on the Cube Mix Plus for Photoshop as it offers better performance on that App. Or if you have other third party Graphics Apps, please test the performance first, if it doesn’t show any issues. On a personal note, I think the problem lies with the Ultra High 3K Display and Apollo Celeron Chip, which I think bottlenecks the screen. Demanding programs like Photoshop seems to take a toll on the Chipset, that is why you can clearly see the delay only on Photoshop.

WHERE TO BUY? (April 25)

Chuwi Hi13 retails at $319 (SALE)

Keyboard Accessory

Dual Chip HiPen H3 Stylus

Sale price until May 2

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Who is the Chuwi HiPen H3 Stylus best suited?

  • Anyone who wants better experience on note-taking, light drawing, and non professional Art Works
  • The Stylus also works best on Sketchpad, Paint, OneNote, and other built in Windows Apps available.

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