Chuwi Hibook 2 – Affordable 2 in 1 Tablet with USB Type C

Chuwi’s update to the Hi10, the Hibook 2 is an affordable 2 in 1 Tablet that offers Cherry Trail Performance, Premium Build and USB Type C connectivity.

SpecsChuwi Hibook 2
Processor Intel Atom Cherry Trail X5-Z8300 Quad Core 1.44-1.84GHz
GPU: Intel HD Gen 8
MemoryRAM: 4 GB LPDDR3
Supports MicroSD up to 64 GB maximum
OSDual OS (Android 5.1 Lollipop and Windows 10)
Display 10.1 inch, IPS
1920 x 1200 pixels
CamerasRear: 5 MP
Front: 2.0 MP
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, WiFi 2.4GHz
USB Type C 3.1
Interface1x TF Card Slot
1x USB Type C 3.1 (reversible)
1x MiniHDMI Port
1x 3.5mm Audio Port
Magnetic Keyboard Dock
Dimensions262 x 167.5 x 8.8 mm
Weight: 522g
Battery3.7v 6500mAh
DisclaimerThe specs might are not final and may be subject to change

AVAILABILITY (Updated August 14, 2016)
Chuwi Hibook 2 retails at $197 – Click Here


Hibook 2 Keyboard – click here

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Chuwi is expected to release the Hibook 2 this April 2016, it is a 2 in 1 convertible tablet which by the looks of it, will have a detachable magnetic keyboard dock eerily similar to the Cube iWork10 Flagship. Anyway, the Hibook 2 is basically an upgraded version of the Chuwi Hi10 with better build quality. The release is also in contention to Teclast’s Tbook, Voyo’s Vbook and Onda’s oBook line ups, which are devices that cater mostly to the Laptop category. Also, the addition of the keyboard will only have a fix angle screen, unlike the 360 degree screen rotation of Yoga Style Ultrabooks. And judging by the pictures, the tablet is moving closer to the Ultrabooks department and shunning away from the Traditional Tablet design. Thus, giving users more flexibility.

In terms of features, the tablet is said to support Dual OS (Android 5.1 Lollipop and Windows 10) out of the box. The tablet will also use the Intel Cherry Trail X5-Z8300 Quad Core Chipset with Intel HD Gen8 GPU, which isn’t really impressive, but is also expected considering the price range of the tablet. The tablet will also come with 4 GB LPDDR3 RAM and 64 GB eMMC Storage with support for expandable storage. Also it will probably come with 64 bit Windows 10 System.

Other features worth noticing is the availability of USB Type C 3.1 (reversible) connectivity. The display is also rated to have a 1080p FHD Resolution. At its innards, a modest 6500mAh battery which will probably give you around 5 hours of typical usage. The tablet will also have a slim design and an All Metal Shell, giving it a more premium design. There are also two color choices available, Gray and Gold. The difference is more evident on the back panel.

Affordable convertible 2 in 1 Tablet

Clearly the Chuwi Hibook 2 is another competitive product to the Convertible Tablet niche. Although the specs doesn’t say much, it is quite affordable and will put itself in the eyes of most budget oriented consumers. The Tbook 11 is probably is closest rival, but there are also other affordable tablets targeted at other areas, particularly the Surface Pro lookalike area, where the currently released Jumper EZpad 5s Flagship is standing. Performance is not so much, “it’s an Atom”, basically sums it up. Also a redeeming factor of the Chuwi Hibook is the USB Type C 3.1, which is probably used for charging, and thus probably fast or quick charging is available. Furthermore, the Dual OS Support out of the box is always a welcome site.

Chuwi hibook 2 pics

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Highlights of Chuwi Hibook 2:

  • USB Type C 3.1 Connector (reversible)
  • Magnetic Detachable Keyboard Design
  • Premium build (all metal frame and shell)
  • Update of the Chuwi Hi10
  • Powered by Cherry Trail X5-Z8300
  • 4 GB RAM and 64 GB eMMC Storage (Expandable Storage)
  • 10.1 inch, IPS, FHD Display
  • Dual OS (Android 5.1 Lollipop and Windows 10)
  • 6500mAh battery

Possible Limitations:

  • Fixed Angle Screen
AVAILABILITY (Updated August 14, 2016)
Chuwi Hibook 2 retails at $197 – Click Here


Hibook 2 Keyboard – click here

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  1. I really want the Chuwi HiBook Pro to be able to upgrade its Android version as a new one comes along (eg. 5.1 to 6.0). Why are these tablets not able to do that? Do you know a way to do that? Thanks.

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