Chuwi Hi13 versus Cube Mix Plus in-depth Comparison – Who is better at the $300 range?

Two very popular tablets on the $300 plus dollar category. Which of these two tablets offer the best value. Read more to find out

The Chuwi Hi13 and Cube Mix Plus are on competitive grounds, the prices I am referring are from bargain prices. The Cube Mix Plus is a tad cheaper compared to the Chuwi Hi13, but which one is best suited for your need? You can watch the video below for the detailed review.

SpecsChuwi Hi13Cube Mix Plus
ChipsetIntel Apollo Lake N3450 Quad Core
GPU: Intel Graphics 500
Intel Kaby Lake Core M3-Y730
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 615
MemoryRAM: 4 GB (1600MHz)
ROM: 64 GB Samsung eMMC
RAM: 4 GB (1867MHz)
ROM: 128 GB Foresee SSD
Display13.5 inch IPS
3000 x 2000 pixels
Not Fully Laminated
10.8 inch IPS
1920 x 1080p
Not Fully Laminated
Electromagnetic Screen
StylusChuwi HiPen H3
1024 Pressure Sensitivity
Palm Suppression
Wacom Stylus
1024 Sensitivity
Palm Suppression
Charge via USB Type C
12V 2A Charger
DC Charger 12V Output
DimensionsWeight with Keyboard: 1.99kgWeight with Keyboard: 1.37kg

Chuwi Hi13 Strengths

  • Premium build quality, well put together and all aluminum construction
  • The 13.5 inch IPS 3K display is probably its best selling point
  • The Chuwi HiPen H3 stylus is almost perfect, works flawlessly on built in applications like Sketchpad, Paint, etc…
  • The Audio Quality of the Loudspeaker is slightly better compared to the Cube Mix Plus
  • Same Wifi chipset with the Cube Mix Plus: Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 3165 (fast, stable, and no issues)
  • Surprisingly great performance on Video Editing via Adobe Premier Pro CC (9 minutes and 2 seconds) – only 10 seconds slower than the Cube i7 Book (Skylake)
  • Battery life 7 – 8 hours of Casual Use with fast Charging (can charge the 10,000mAh in just 2 hours)
  • Good Thermals, much better than the Cube Mix Plus, and doesn’t thermal throttle


  • Slow and disappointing gaming performance, the N3450 chipset bottlenecks the 3K screen, and you can clearly see the lags on multitasking
  • $300 plus dollar premium tablet but with eMMC storage and N3450 Celeron Chipset, you do the math
  • Limited IO’s, no adapter included on the tablet
  • Poor performance on Photoshop (horrible delay which makes it unusable)

Check out the availability here: Chuwi Hi13 current prices ($299) – Use Coupon Code: GHI13

Could have been a killer tablet, if only it were faster

The Chuwi Hi13 indeed has very good potential. The screen at first glance is its best highlight as well as the my great experience with the Stylus. Unfortunately, it is overshadowed by the slow Chipset. It is also not meant for gaming, as you have seen on my Dota 2 test, it is not that smooth and frame rates are unstable. Nevertheless, this tablet is meant for those who are into productivity. The 3:2 aspect screen and huge 13.5 inch room is good for use as a workstation Notebook. 

Cube Mix Plus Strengths

  • Beast in terms of Performance, the most affordable Kaby Lake Powered Tablet available
  • For $300 dollars, you are equipped with 128 GB SSD Storage, Kaby Lake and 4 GB high speed RAM (1867Mhz)
  • 10.8 inch screen 1080p screen is still good enough, very accurate with good feedback
  • Same connectivity with the Chuwi Hi13 (Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 3165)
  • Currently fastest on my Video Encoding test (8 minutes and 25 seconds)
  • Great gaming performance (Dota 2 test: all low, 1080p. You can get 40-60fps average fps)
  • Wacom Stylus works great on built in apps like Sketchpad, Paint etc… Palm rejection also works as it should
  • Light at just 1.37kg with Keyboard included


  • Old design, it is a reboot of the Cube i7 Book after all
  • Surprisingly, poor performance also on Photoshop, palm rejection is a hit and miss
  • Runs Hot (Cinebench Benchmark test, can get up to 92°C – which is scorching hot)
  • Runs warm even on casual use (45-70°C, jumps on temps depending on load on the CPU)
  • Poor Loudspeaker Performance

Check out the availability here: Cube Mix Plus current prices

Affordable and Fast Ultrabook but runs hot…

The Cube Mix Plus, just like its older brother, the Cube i7 Book runs hot, but now even hotter. Although in terms of performance, you will get at least 95% of the true performance benefits. It is fast, and you can clearly see it, it is like a Core i3 notebook. Although the small size might be off putting for some, especially those who want bigger screen room for productivity. Nevertheless, it does excel in one thing, and that is performance. An area, which the Chuwi Hi13 clearly lacks. What the Cube Mix Plus lacks is also a much bigger screen with higher resolution which the Chuwi Hi13 has. So, it is a balancing act on what tablet best suits you.

If you want pure raw performance and gaming

  • Go for the Cube Mix Plus, you can never go wrong with it. Although it runs hot, the temps only get that high on heavy use. Which does seldom happen. More or less, temps range from 60 to 80C on casual use.

If you want productivity and a good workstation notebook

  • Go for the Chuwi Hi13, the 13.5 inch 3K screen will probably be enough for you. Even with the limited performance, it is still good as a productivity tablet.

You can also watch the Chuwi HiPen H3 versus Wacom Stylus performance comparison below

Better yet, a combination between the two is also available.

The Cube Thinker i35 combines the features of the two in one awesome tablet. And perhaps even better compared to my Xiaomi Mi Air 12. The specs are below

The Cube Thinker i35 Notebook retails at $612 (Use Coupon Code: Cubethinker ) – $612

  • Intel Kaby Lake Core M3-7Y30
  • 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD Stroage
  • 13.5 inch Fully Laminated 3K Display
  • 180 degree Yoga Style hinge
  • Supports the same Stylus with the original Surface Book

Of you can read the complete info of the Cube Thinker here

The Cube Thinker i35 Notebook is the latest notebook to be released and is both a Surface Book alternative as well as the prime competition of the Xiaomi Mi Air 12. It combines the features of the Chuwi Hi13 and the Cube Mix Plus, but you do have to pay more to get these features.


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