Chuwi Hi13 Keyboard and Stylus Review – So this is why it is a Surface Book Clone

Here is my in-depth look at the Chuwi Hi13 Keyboard and HiPen H3 Stylus, and also a look at why they call this Tablet a Surface Book Alternative.

Pros of the Chuwi Hi13 Keyboard and TouchPad

  • Premium All Aluminum Build
  • Sturdy construction
  • Chicklet Keys
  • Good Spacing and Travel
  • Great Typing Experience, good response time, no delays, and accurate
  • Adds an additional 2 Standard USB 2.0 Slots
  • Sturdy hinge and attachment
  • Barely no flex, only if you apply too much pressure on it
  • Maximum angle is 120 degrees fixed
  • Good counterweight, prevents tablet from tipping over
  • My experience on the touchpad is similar to the Xiaomi Mi Air 12
  • Good response, sensitivity on the Touchpad
  • Can easily replace mouse when you use it
  • Right and Left clicks sounds are different
  • Very responsive and works 100% of the time

Some Con of the Keyboard and Touchpad

  • Keyboard is not illuminated, but the letters can be easily seen
  • The Touchpad could have been a bit bigger
  • Heavy at 894g, and with the Tablet, comes up at 1.99kg
  • There is a lot of room, chuwi could increase the size of the keys a bit
  • The Touchpad size could have been bigger

Pros of the HiPen H3 Stylus

  • All Metal build, and sticks easily to the right side (Magnetic surface) of the Chuwi Hi13
  • Accurate and sensitive, works 100% of the time, no need to adjust to angle to work perfectly (except for Photoshop)
  • At least for me, I had better experience compared to Wacom Stylus on the Cube Mix Plus
  • Sensitive Pen Tip, there’s a difference between pressure on applying it on the screen. Different performance
  • Great for note-taking and non professional art works
  • Works best on built in apps like Sketchpad, OneNote, Paint etc…

Some Cons:

  • No Eraser function
  • There’s a bit of delay (milliseconds) and clearly noticeable on the response time (only happens on Photoshop apparently)
  • No response delays on Wacom Stylus (on Photoshop performance)
  • Needs Batteries to work properly, which Wacom Stylus do not

WHERE TO BUY? (April 25)

Chuwi Hi13 retails at $319 (SALE)

Keyboard Accessory

Dual Chip HiPen H3 Stylus

Sale price until May 2

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A good Stylus, but still needs improvement

The Keyboard and Stylus are a must have for the Chuwi Hi13. Firstly, the Keyboard adds additional IO and the typing experience is great, I would say 2nd only to the Xiaomi Mi Air 12. Secondly, the build quality is premium and I think worth the investment. Finally, the HiPen H3 Dual Chip Stylus is a breeze to use, very responsive and accurate. Although it does have a slight delayed response on Photoshop. I do recommend you use other apps such as Sketchpad, Paint, and OneNote as this is where the Stylus works best. Apparently, there is an issue with Photoshop for it to work flawlessly. So, this is not for those who intends to work on Photoshop most of the time, or a Professional Graphic Artist. Other than that, built in Windows Apps works just fine.

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