Best of 2016 – My Top Tablet or Ultrabook Choices of 2016

2016 is ending fast but before that, I have to share to you my list of the Top or Best Tablets or Ultrabooks of 2016. This is based on personal experience and my appeal of the devices.

First on my lists is the Xiaomi Mi Air 12. It is Xiaomi’s first entry into the Ultrabook market. Although it isn’t technically a Tablet, it is one of the best laptops that I have tested. It definitely is worth every Penny. Here is my impression below.

  • Macbook Air referenced design
  • True All Aluminum build, not painted nor plastic
  • Guaranteed 100% Full performance from the Intel Skylake Core M3 Chipset
  • Can play mainstream games like Dota 2, Lol, CS, with no issues
  • Blistering fast Samsung SSD Storage
  • Dual Band WiFi Support and USB 3.0 (Standard sizes)
  • USB Type C with Fast Charging (90 minutes fully charge)
  • Gorgeous 1080p Display with Sapphire Glass Protection
  • 6 hours plus Battery Life on Casual Use
  • Very good thermals, heat dissipation
  • Great Audio Quality from the AKG Loudspeakers
  • If you want more performance, you can also get the Xiaomi Mi Air 13


  • English version is not activated, you have to purchase it separately (you can change it to English on my guide)
  • Non touch screen display


Cube i9 – The Surface Pro look alike and also a Flagship Tablet. It is a 2 in 1 Convertible Ultrabook and comes with a 3:2 Aspect Ratio Screen, its very own kick stand and offers premium build quality. My only issue with it is some weird performance issues. Here is my impression below

  • Premium build Quality
  • Kickstand is sturdy
  • Good 12 inch IPS 1200p Display with a 3:2 Aspect Ratio Screen
  • Stable WiFi Performance
  • Capable of mainstream gaming (1200p native resolution, low detail with above 30fps average)
  • Offers Foresee 128 GB SSD Storage (fast SSD, according to benchmarks)
  • Great or more suited as a workstation especially with the 3:2 Aspect Ratio Screen
  • 5 hours battery life on casual use
  • USB 3.0 (standard ports available)
  • Runs 10 C cooler than the Cube i7 Book


  • Benchmark tests and gaming performance is behind the Cube i7 Book
  • Performance not running at optimal speed
  • Average Loudspeaker performance


Cube i7 Book. Is actually a reboot and continues with a faster Skylake Chipset. It retains the Wacom Stylus support and the design, so except from the hardware changes, no aesthetic changes had been made. My only issue with this notebook is the heat. You are are guaranteed 100% performance from the chipset but it does sit on very high temps, around 81-87C on full load. Fortunately, no thermal throttling issues and gaming can be enjoyed at full performance. Here is my complete impression below

  • Reboot and comes with only hardware changes
  • 100% guaranteed performance boost
  • Gaming performance is similar to the Xiaomi Mi Air 12
  • Enjoy Mainstream games like Dota 2, CS, LOL at native 1080p, low detail at very good frame rates
  • Fast SSD Storage (Foresee 64 GB)
  • 5 hours battery life on casual usage
  • Supports Dual Band WiFi (Fast and Stable Performance)
  • Supports Wacom Stylus
  • Premium build
  • 2 in 1 Convertible Ultrabook


  • Runs Hot, 87C on full load but no thermal throttling
  • Old school tablet, no design changes (it is a reboot after all)
  • Non standard USB 3.0 Port
  • Average Loudspeaker performance


Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 – more specifically, the Android version. In a nutshell, the Mi Pad 2 is not perfect, but it does do its job well. It is a modest all in one Multimedia Tablet that offers premium build quality, Gorgeous Retina Display, Great battery life and Loudspeakers. It is an obvious reference to the iPad Mini, but I think the similarities is only limited to looks. The hardware underneath is not really competitive when it comes to gaming capability as well as raw performance, because the Intel Atom Chip underneath is more for efficiency and that is it. Here is my complete impression below:

  • Premium Build Quality
  • Very Responsive Retina Display, good vibrant colors and contrast levels
  • Modest Performance boost from the Intel Atom X5-Z8500 Chipset
  • Fast eMMC Storage (one of the fastest eMMC available)
  • Supports Dual Band WiFi Support (Fast and Stable WiFi with good range)
  • One of the Atom Tablets that fully support Dual Band WiFi
  • USB Type C with Quick Charging Support
  • 6 hours of battery screen time (translates to about 8 hours of casual use)
  • Very good thermals, runs cooler than other Atom Powered Tablets


  • No Dual OS Support
  • You are forced to choose one system and stick with it (although I have a guide on how to change it to Android)
  • Windows 10 is not suited for the system (Android is better optimized)
  • Gaming options is limited (2 GB RAM) – lag issues and slow downs compared to other 4 GB tablets

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