Best Deals this May – For Bargain Hunters

Here are some of the latest Tablets and Ultrabooks currently available, as well as some of my recommended or must have devices.

1. Cube Thinker i35 Notebook – The “Surface Book and Notebook Hybrid”

Cube Thinker Notebook. Cube’s answer to the Xiaomi Mi Air, their version not only is similar to the Macbook Clone, but is also a Surface Book Clone and a Yoga Style Notebook. Offering the latest Intel Kaby Lake Chipset, it certainly is powerful. The notebook also comes with a Ultra High Definition 3K Display and is Touch Screen, which is surprising for a dedicated notebook. Furthermore, it also comes with a massive 256 GB SSD to boot, 8 GB RAM, loads of IO’s including USB 3.0 Standard Ports and USB Type C.

  • 13.5 inch 3K Display and Touchscreen, 3:2 Aspect Ratio
  • All Metal Design
  • 180 degree screen rotation, similar to Yoga Notebooks from Lenovo
  • Powered by Intel KabyLake Core M3-7Y30 Quad Core Chipset
  • Equipped with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB M.2 SATA SSD
  • Fingerprint Unlocking (on Touchpad)
  • WiFi 802.11 AC (Dual Band)
  • Standard USB 3.0 and USB Type C Slots
  • 5000mAh battery with a 12V 3A Charger (expect fast charging support)
  • Unlike the Xiaomi Mi Air 12, it has a dedicated charging Port (DC Charging Port)

More info on the Cube Thinker here. Or you can get it directly here.

Availability: The Cube Thinker retails at $612 (Use Coupon Code: Cubethinker) – to get discounted price

2. Xiaomi Mi Air 12 – “The best Notebook of 2016 and still is apparently”

What’s so good about it?

Xiaomi  Mi Air Notebook series has several line-ups The Xiaomi Mi Air 13, which has a Core i5 Dual Core Mobile Chip and also a the premium Mi Air 13 Ultimate, which flaunts a Core i7 Chipset. But one thing is similar for all of these notebooks. They all offer great user experience. The Xiaomi Mi Air is my favorite and also my daily driver. It’s light, has an awesome Sapphire 1080p IPS Screen and Keyboard and Touchpad Experience that rival Apple’s Macbook. It also offers dul band WiFi support, premium build quality and design similar to Macbook and also offers a fast Dual Band Wireless AC support.

Xiaomi Mi Air 13 (Core i5 version)

Xiaomi Mi Air 13 Ultimate (Core i7 version)

  • Macbook Air lookalike
  • Intel Core M3 Skylake Chipset
  • Fast 128 GB Samsung SSD out of the box
  • Dual Band WiFi Support
  • 12 .5 inch IPS Sapphire Glass to Glass 1080p Display
  • About 6 hours battery life on a single charge.
  • Premium Build Quality (All Aluminum)
  • Awesome Keyboard and TouchPad Combo, Keyboard is Backlit
  • Loud AKG Speakers, better than other Notebooks that I have tested
  • Fast USB Type C Charging (charges in just 90 seconds)
  • Runs cool, 33C on Idle and 50C on Full Load

Some Cons?

Well, it only has activated Windows 10 Chinese version, switching to English, the Product keys are invalid. Even the much premium models, it is not Touch Screen. It runs Cool, but the downside is also the downclocked CPU just to maintain the ideal temps. From 1.99GHz, it lowers to 1.5GHz on Full Load, for example on Video Editing where it performs the worst among the other Chipsets that I have tested.

  • English version of Windows 10 not activated
  • Downclock of CPU
  • Slow on Video Encoding
  • Non Touch Screen (all Models)

Currently, the Xiaomi Mi Air 12 (more info) is my best recommendation for anyone looking for a reliable Notebook.

Availability: Xiaomi Mi Air 12 currently retails at $469 (Use Coupon Code: AIR12H)


3. Chuwi Hi13 – The self proclaimed “Surface Book Clone”

Well, the Chuwi Hi13 is bit at 13.5 inches, and on top of that an Awesome 3K Display. The Stylus Pen also works except for Photoshop though, so I wouldn’t recommend it for heavy Graphical use or artists, more on note-taking, non professional artworks via Paint, Sketchpad, etc… built in Windows Apps, where the Stylus works as it should. Gaming is unexpectedly not great but I is fast when it comes to video encoding. On my test with Adobe Premier Pro CC, it manages to finish the video, at a time close to the Cube i7 Book. Finally, temps run at an acceptable level, or even better especially compared to the Cube Mix Plus, no CPU throttling on my test with 81C maximum temps on full load.

  • Gorgeous 3K Display
  • Good Multitasking and Performance overall
  • USB 3.0 speed on MicroSD
  • Premium build Quality
  • Acceptable Temps
  • Keyboard Performance is great
  • Fast Charging via USB Type C
  • Offers Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 3165 Chipset

What’s not so good about it?

Probably my only issue about it is Performance, The Intel Apollo Lake N3450 isn’t really a powerhouse chipset compared to Core M3 Kaby Lake or even the older Skylake Chipset. But it does destroy the Atom Chip in terms of raw performance. Gaming, in particular Mainstream gaming like Dota 2, performance is barely playable. If you want gaming, then go for Kaby lake or Skylake Chipset. Also at a $300 price tag, which is similar to the Cube Mix Plus, it doesn’t offer SSD storage. There is also no Dual OS Support available

  • Not great for Gaming, I think the GPU throttles
  • No SSD for the high price
  • No Dual OS Support, go for the Chuwi Hi12 if you want Dual OS support
  • High Price for just an Apollo Lake Chip Tablet
  • HiPen H3 Stylus struggles at Photoshop

As a workstation, the Chuwi Hi13 (more info) seems to be a great fit, offering stellar 3K Display, and a good performing Stylus enough for note-taking, non-professional drawing using sketchpad. Just don’t expect to use it on Photoshop, because it doesn’t perform that well. Currently, the

Availability: Chuwi Hi13 retails at $299 (Use Coupon Code: GHI13) – to get discounted price


4. Cube Mix Plus – The most affordable Kaby Lake powered Ultrabook

What’s so good about it?

The reboot to the Cube i7 Book, the Cube Mix Plus now comes with a brand new Kaby Lake Chipset. And thus, it offers better performance. Benchmarks test shows improvement in performance and it also works faster compared to the Cube i7 Book. The design hasn’t changed at all, expect though for the color on the Bezels. It still has a 1080p 10 inch Electromagnetic screen with support for Wacom Stylus. You will get the most in terms of performance. Mainstream gaming is still great and on Video Editing, it is faster a bit compared to the Cube i7 Book. It is also the Cheapest Kaby lake Powered Tablet you can buy

  • Faster Kaby Lake Chipset
  • Still supports Wacom Stylus and the same 1080p Screen
  • 4 GB Memory clocked at 1866MHz out of the box
  • Improved Performance and much better performance on Video Editing via Adobe Premier Pro CC
  • Doubles the Storage at 128 GB Foresee SSD.
  • Still the same IO’s available, USB 3.1 (support for Video and Audio Out)
  • Battery at 5 hours max on casual use (estimated)
  • Cheapest Tablet to offer Kaby Lake
  • Same Keyboard and Stylus support of the Cube i7 Book

Some cons?

Temps, temps and more temps… If the Cube i7 Book ran hot, this ran even hotter. It has similar idle temps close to 50C, but maxes out at around 90C+, especially on heavy use like Video Encoding. Thermal Throttling is also an issue here, with the CPU throttling back at about 200MHz on heavy use. The thermal design hasn’t changed a bit, it still is the Cube i7 Book but with a faster and hotter Chipset.  The Wacom Stylus performance is similar to the Cube i7 book. It needs a bit of patience to work properly.

  • Gets very hot on heavy use
  • No Design changes
  • No Standard USB 3.0 Slot

The Cube Mix Plus (Full Review) is still currently the cheapest Kaby Lake Powered Tablet available.

Availability: The Cube Mix Plus retails at $329 (promo pricing until June 1)


5. Xiaomi Mi Pad 3

To be honest, Xiaomi’ successor to the Mi Pad 2 is a bit underwhelming. The Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 now comes Full Android, but it isn’t necessarily powerful. It comes with a mediocre Mediatek Chipset, but still offers the same 7.9 inch IPS Retina Display, Same build Quality and Speakers. It still offers fast WiFi Connectivity and better speakers. Unfortunately, it isn’t a gaming tablet, or even close to it. It continues as a multimedia tablet best for occasional gaming and web browsing. Some of the highlights are below

  • Pure Android Platform, no more choosing between Windows or Android System
  • Now comes with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB eMMC Storage out of the box
  • Still the same Retina Screen, which is probably the best feature available
  • Great Battery life, expect about 6 – 7 hours per use of this one
  • Speakers will still offer great Audio Quality
  • Fast Charging via USB Type C still available
  • Much better rear camera performance

Here are also some cons to mention?

  • Chipset not good for gaming or heavy multitasking
  • Not really a huge upgrade over the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2
  • Still no expandable Storage

Currently, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 (more info) pricing sits close to the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2, making it now the best choice.

Availability: The Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 retails at $254 (promo pricing until June 1)


6. Jumper EZbook 3 Pro – updated to 6 GB RAM

In a nutshell, the Jumper Ezbook 3 Pro is a slightly upgraded version, it comes with 2 GB more RAM, bringing it to a total of 6 GB and also now comes with a N3450 Quad Core Chipset instead of Dual Core. So, performance is expected to be much better here.

  • 6 GB RAM and Intel Apollo Lake N3450 Quad Core Chipset
  • One of the cheapest Notebooks available that is all
  • All Metal Design
  • Design based on Macbook Pro
  • Smaller 13.3 inch 1080p FHD Screen
  • Still supports M.2 SATA SSD Expansion
  • x USB 3.0 Standard Slots
  • The

What can you use it for? It is a modest notebook which excels on most tasks such as web browsing, and office works. The

Some Cons:

  • Non SSD Storage (only eMMC)
  • Non Touch screen
  • The Jumper Ezbook 3S is a bit more exciting
  • No Dual Band Wireless (uses Realtek Wireless N)

You can read the complete info of the Jumper Ezbook 3 Pro here.

Availability: The Jumper Ezbook 3 Pro retails at $239 (Use Coupon Code: 3PRO)


7. Cube iPlay10 U83 – Ultra budget 10 inch Tablet with Dual Band WiFi

Looking for Cheap 10 inch Android Tablet with Dual Band WiFi and GPS

The Cube iPlay10 U83 isn’t very powerful tablet, but at the given price, it offers the best value yet. Underneath is a mediocre Mediatek chipset and Mali GPU which is good enough for light gaming. And the performance is a slightly slower compared to the MT8176 of the new Xiaomi Mi Pad 3. Also for the price, the tablet has a reasonably good 1080p screen. It also runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box and perhaps a welcome site is the support for Dual Band WiFi Support and GPS. Yes, that is right, 5GHz WiFi for an Ultrabudget Tablet and GPS is unbelievable. It also comes with a rated  7 hours battery life (6000mAh).

Highlights of the Cube iPlay10 U83:

  • One of the cheapest 10 inch Android Tablets available
  • Dual Band WiFi support (2.4/5GHz)
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box
  • built in GPS
  • Powered by Mediatek MT8163 Quad Core Chipset
  • 2 GB RAM and 32 GB eMMC Storage (Expandable)
  • 6000mAh battery (rated up to 7 hours)

Some Cons:

  • Low End Chipset, not great for gaming especially with a 1080p screen
  • Only 2 GB RAM (but for the price, it is expected)

You can read the complete info here: Cube iPlay10 U83 info.

Availability: The Cube iPlay10 U83 retails at $107 (Promo pricing until May 25)


8. Teclast X3 Plus – 6 GB Tablet and little brother of the Teclast X5 Pro

Budget version of the Teclast X5 Pro

You get the same design of the Teclast X5 Pro, similar premium build, Apollo Lake and 6 GB RAM. The price is also close to the Chuwi Hi13, but that tablet I think offers a lot more in terms of features, like 3K screen and a powerful Stylus. Anyway, you also get an Active Stylus here, but it is really just an alternative to your fingers, no real use for Photoshop or other Graphics Apps. The 6 GB I think greatly helps on Multitasking but the CPU performance will always be lesser than any Core M3 chip available. Also you don’t get Wireless AC here, which is a real bummer, since most tablets in this category offer it. Also it does not justify the high price tag to lack features.

  • Similar design to the Teclast X5 Pro and Budget version of the Teclast X5 Pro
  • Powered by Intel Apollo Lake N3450
  • 6 GB RAM is much needed especially for Multitasking
  • Sandisk eMMC Drive is faster than traditional eMMC
  • Good Quality 1080p Display but not fully laminated
  • Standard Size USB 3.0
  • Sturdy Kickstand construction and build quality
  • Weird placement of IO’s

Some Cons

  • No Dual OS version, as of late, no rumors or info
  • No Wireless AC, comes with Realtek Wireless N Chipset
  • Subpar Touchpad, very small and unusable
  • Average Loudspeakers
  • Pricey for just an Apollo Lake Chip and no SSD
  • Not fully laminated Screen

You can read the complete info here:  Teclast X3 Plus info.

Availability: The Teclast X3 Plus retails at $259 (Promo price until June 1)


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