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Welcome to my 2nd website Best China Tablets – The #1 site dedicated to the latest Android and Windows Tablets, Affordable Tablets, China Tablet Reviews, Tablet Comparison, and Top Tablets available in the market.

“I’ve always wanted to own the latest Tablet from Apple or Samsung!”

The only issue I have is money; I don’t want to spend too much on gadgets alone. But I do want the best IPS display, the fastest Processor, the latest Android or Windows Operating System and durability or sturdiness is important too. That’s why I built this site; it collects or reviews the latest and most affordable tablets in the market. Most of them are China Tablets; I know the perception of bad quality is always present. But that should change; Chinese made tablets have more than met my expectations. Tablets such as the Xiaomi Mipad are a blast and now come dual Boot tablets that offer both Android and Windows Operating systems at a press of a button. There are also tablets that offer high resolution FHD or Retina Display’s that even rival big brands. Others also offer snappy processors from Intel, Mediatek or Qualcomm. These new tablets just like they’re tablet counterparts have become competitive globally. Pipo and Onda Tablets have become increasing popular, not just because of their low price but also their performance and value.

Some manufacturers also offer look a likes, just like the Xiaomi Mi Pad which Xiaomi admits has a striking resemblance to iPad Mini. But underneath offers a gaming GPU and CPU by Nvidia Tegra. Thus, these tablets are no slouch, they’re cheap but they are also good or even better. The dual OS trend have become increasing popular nowadays, that they offer more flexibility in terms of usage, both a media tablet and a hybrid laptop. And thus by these reasons alone, I made this website to review the latest and the most popular tablets to come out. Also you can find tablet comparisons, a collection of the best 7 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch tablets and more affordable tablets. To conclude, you don’t have to spend a whole lot just to buy your dream gadget, just look at my site and you can see what I’m talking about. If you want to learn about the latest and most affordable Smartphones then go to my other site


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