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Hi there, Vincent here

Thank you for visiting my site, this website is dedicated to promoting affordable tablets from china. Like you, i’m also a techie, always wanting the newest and the best gadgets i can find, but because of money constraints, i can only afford or spend so much, this site is dedicated to catering those avid tech lovers to have or own the most fully featured tablets at a fraction of a cost and well into our budget.  This is my second site, my first site is about smartphones and cellphones. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to comment. So come and join me.

Believe me Chinese Made Tablets are now better than ever. Some of the best Tablets i’ve tested is the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 and the Teclast X98 Pro. Powerful tablets that don’t break your bank. If you want ever more performance, then CoreM tablets are the best way to go. If you want productivity tablets, then a Stylus tablet is the best option.

Vincent the Tablet Promoter and Reviewer

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    1. hello ken,
      thank you for visiting my website,
      what do you mean by trackable?
      shipping depends the type of courier you will be using for example Dhl usually costs a bit more 30 to 40 dollars, EMS (20 to 30dollars) and regular mail (if with free shipping logo, however usually delivery last quite long about 30 to 45 days)

      best regards,

  1. Hi Vincent,
    I’m very interested in chinese tablets – running Ubuntu OS.
    Please, tell me where could I find good review, price, tech spec., shipping?

    1. hello,

      thank you for visiting my website,
      unfortunately stef, most of the tablets i featured only runs android operating system.
      i haven’t encountered a chinese tablet that runs ubuntu.

      best regards,

  2. Hi Vincent,
    Thanks a lot for your so usefull website.
    What do you think about FNF iFive mini 4, do you intend to test it.
    It seems there is no built-in 3G as in the mini 3Gs. Do you know if that will be corrected.
    Kind regards from France.

    1. Hello Jean,

      yes its a good tablet, but i think hybrid tablets are a trend now, intel atom powered tablets and windows Os.

      best Regards,

  3. Hello my name is Hedrick, live in Florida, United States. I’m an adult and I need to buy a tablet that meets several requirements. (9.7 Tablet win octa core dual boot android 8.1 and 4.4). I hope you can tell me where to buy it. I hope you have some with everything. ( Tablet 9.7 octa core dual boot win 8.1 and android 4.4). I await your reply, and I congratulate you for this site, Sorry for my English. and the translation My spanish is good.
    Thank again.

    Hedrick Crespo

  4. Hi Vince, I’m wondering if you’ll be doing a review on the Cube T9 32GB tablet? So far there is not much out there on this Octa Core tab. There is plenty about the Cube 9X, but I really love the features of the T9. BTW do you have a preference which 32GB, Octa Core, 4G 9.7 tabket you would buy for yourself?

    Great job letting us with average skills make an educated decision. It’s much appreciated.

    Thx, with much respect, Robert

  5. Hi Vincent,

    Can you recommend a Chinese tablet with the following:

    10 inch (or close) screen
    64gb+ memory or an micro sd slot
    Android 5.0+ operating system

    some sort of table on your site with all the specs of all the tablets you have reviewed would be great!


  6. Many thanks for coming back to me so quickly Vince. The Teclast 98 looks good. Your review shows it with Android 4.4 rather than 5. It’s an upgrade available directly from the manufacturer or does this require installing a custom ROM?

    1. Hello Harry,

      Teclast i think offers OTA support on their tablets, so the Android version can be upgraded via WiFi.

      Best Regards,

    1. Hello Ronald,

      The custom charges depends on Austria’s Customs, usually if you choose a faster delivery like DHL, usually charges are more higher compared to registered mails.

      Best Regards,

      1. Hello Vincent,
        i have seen that there is also a warehouse in EU. If i order from them and they ship within EU there should be no custom fee just value added tax. Is this correct?
        Cheers Ronald

        1. Hello Ronald,

          That would be a better option, as the products are already available on those warehouses, then Zero Custom Charges.

          Best Regards,

  7. Hi Vincent,Im a student looking to get a 8 inch tablet or 10ish inch convertible for note taking and carrying around textbooks with. Something that supports a/b/g/n or ac wifi,as that’s what my education department uses.

    Anything you could recommend?

  8. Vincent,
    Good site! I live in Texas and am also interested in the Chinese tablets. I have tried several – Onda V919 3G Air, Teclast X98 pro and X98 Plus. I really like the X98 Plus Win 10 only. Great size and screen and very good battery life (I liked it well enough to keep it). Then I bought the Teclast X2Pro from GearBest on sale ($404US for X2Pro, keyboard and Active stylus).
    I have been very impressed with everything about it. Very good build quality, nice screen, 2 USB 3 Host ports and 4k video out. It has performed perfectly now for the first month and I have been showing it to everyone. Everyone has been very surprised at the quality for such a small price.

    Keep up the good work, love the information.

    1. Hello Jadadeesh,

      Actually, Xiaomi isn’t so big in terms of tablets, they’re big asset is the Mi Pad (which is a carbon copy of iPad Mini). Xiaomi is more on Smartphones
      2015-2016 (most popular tablets)
      1. Teclast
      2. Cube
      3. Pipo
      4. Chuwi and Voyo tied
      5. Xiaomi (2016) – MiPad 2
      6. Onda

      Huawei is also a big name in China, both Smartphones and Tablets, unfortunately, most of their tablets are a premium, although they’re great overall, but the price is somewhat out of reach for most consumers, especially their Flagship tablets.

      Best Regards,

  9. Hello Vince,

    First of all I would like to thank you for compiling a great deal of knowledge in one place. Your insight is very valuable for me, as I love technology, I love tablets and smartphones, but since I’m standing on the lower side of income spectrum, I can’t afford to test them out myself.

    After spending way too much time online reading and watching reviews, I’ve been postponing the purchase of my first tablet for a long time. My budget is tight – up to 120$, and since I never had more time to tinker with tablets than several minutes in the shop, I don’t know the difference between “good” and “better”.

    I’m looking for something to play Bioware games on – Knights of the Old Republic, Baldur’s Gate and similiar. That’s my biggest goal, aside from the usual web surfing (which I do a lot, so 3G/4G would be nice, but not necessary), reading comic books, and watching por– Erhm, I mean, movies. The problem is that I don’t know the requirements of the games to run them smoothly, so I don’t know how high I should aim. Screen size is not that important for me, nor is HDMI or camera. Resolution is secondary as well, though I would greatly appreciate hi-res screen. I think 2 gigs of RAM would work best in the long run, though – again – I know next to nothing about tablet performance, what matters the most in games and outside of them, and performance is the key for me.

    I wish I could get Nvidia Shield, which should be more powerful than necessary, but that’s too expensive.

    I’m tired of waiting and reading through reviews, as everything I see reads “it’s crap compared to the ” instead of “this one is a really good deal for the money”.

    Every Aliexpress tablet with 2 gigs of ram looks the same to me, but I honestly know nothing about their performance, since there’s so many different reviews and opinions, and when one person says something’s good, another disagrees. I would like to ask you, though I apologize in advance for bothering since there are many others like me who ask for your advice, what would you recommend for me? Is there anything currently available on the market that could meet my requirements or do you know if there’s something new and interesting coming shortly? I value your opinion very much and I believe you could be able to provide me with answers.

    And once again, great job with the site. I really appreciate it. Keep it up, mate. 🙂

    Thank you for reading this and thanks in advance for helping,

    1. Hello Patryk,

      Here is what i gathered from your request:
      1. Tight budget of $120 or lower
      2. Play games, Surfing and 3G (not necessary)

      Thank you for narrowing that and making my decision a bit easier. Anyway, here is my recommendation plus a bit more knowledge to boot.
      1. Usually cheap tablets, especially Sub$100 are not that powerful, usually come with 2 GB and rarely do you see 4GB on it. The implication isn’t really that big, the more the memory, the more you can multi task and open up more applications than usual. But if you close each one, after using, i do think 2 GB is enough. Anyway, these tablets also come with 32 bit Windows 10, which is less demanding in terms of memory.

      2. Intel HD Gen 8, isn’t great at gaming, sorry to be blunt, i’ve tested it and it struggles on most games (especially newer ones). But for older less demanding games, Starcraft 2 runs fine btw, as well as most RTS and RPG games. 720p HD is a decent resolution for gaming, the higher, the more stress it puts on the CPU and GPU, causing lag spikes. For 8 inch tablets, 720p HD is fine and doesn’t look bad at all.

      3. Most tablets on that price range offer Cherry Trail performance (Intel Cherry Trail X5-8300) which offers decent performance on both platforms (Windows 10 and Android). I do recommend Dual OS because of flexibility.
      Thus, you can refer to these tablets for comparison:


      These four tablets are within your budget, and you can compare which you like best. The specs are about the same and some do offer great features.
      1. The Cube iWork 8 ultimate
      2. Chuwi Vi8 Plus – offers USB Type Connectivity
      3. Teclast X80 Plus

      Hope this helps,

      Best Regards,

    1. Hello Jamie,

      i think a cherry trail tablet will work fine with this game. Anyway, could you specify your preference in terms of size and budget?

      Best Regards,

      1. Oh I have a Teclast X16 Power right now that I’m thinking of putting on eBay, wanted to see if there was anything lighter. Holding it and using it as a tablet over longer periods of time is difficult.

  10. Hi, I just want you to advise me about a good chinese tablet with great features e.g.,the Teclast X98 but I need a device that offers OTA support on so that Android or Windows softwares can be easily upgraded.I don’t want to have to manually install updated ROMs and so on…because I don’t know how to deal with all these technofixes ! Thank you and best regards !

  11. Looking at using an Chinese website seller to purchase my next tablet and have seen so many conflicting reviews. Can you recommend a good and safe Chinese website that will deliver and has good customer support. I live in the UK

    1. Hello Adrian

      I’ve never had problems with my orders with Gearbest, although there is a bit of a language barrier especially in English (Deep English) can be misunderstood. So far, they have the good prices as well as good services.

      Best Regards,

  12. Hey Vincent 🙂 I’ve been following your site for a while. Unfortunately I still haven’t found what I’m looing for. It’s not a matter of budget but a matter of specs. Could you please tell me if what I’m looking for exists somewhere ? I’m looking for these specs :

    – A hybrid (tablet + separate keyboard)
    – Windows 10 support (International, not chinese)
    – Screen size : 13,3″ minimum, 14″ to 17″ would be even better. The screen size is of critical importance to me.
    – 8 GB RAM minimum
    – 128 GB storage minimum (or an easy way to replace the internal SSD, etc.)
    – 2 USB ports minimum
    – Performance (CPU, GPU) is NOT the top priority. However smooth 1080p video playback is required.

    Why can’t I find this ? Thanks in advance !

      1. Well yes, that’s why I keep waiting, lol.
        Thanks for confirming that I’m not crazy ! 🙂
        Maybe some updated Chuwi with 8 GB / 128 GB and an updated chipset could do the trick. Let’s wait. 😉

        1. Hello Jose,

          Probably coming soon. I hope it will come with either Skylake or Kabylake since Apollo Lake is not that great in performance.

          Best Regards,

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