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Hi there, Vincent here

Thank you for visiting my site, this website is dedicated to promoting affordable tablets from china. Like you, i’m also a techie, always wanting the newest and the best gadgets i can find, but because of money constraints, i can only afford or spend so much, this site is dedicated to catering those avid tech lovers to have or own the most fully featured tablets at a fraction of a cost and well into our budget.  This is my second site, my first site is about smartphones and cellphones. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to comment. So come and join me.

Believe me Chinese Made Tablets are now better than ever. Some of the best Tablets i’ve tested is the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 and the Teclast X98 Pro. Powerful tablets that don’t break your bank. If you want ever more performance, then CoreM tablets are the best way to go. If you want productivity tablets, then a Stylus tablet is the best option.

Vincent the Tablet Promoter and Reviewer

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