2018 New Arrivals – Tablets and Ultrabooks

Here are some of the new comers of 2018. From Tablets to Powerful Ultrabooks, some of these are under promotions, so grab them while it last.

2018 New Comers

2018 New Arrivals

Lenovo P8 4G LTE $193 (promo price until March 3) read more

  • 4G LTE version of the Lenovo P8

Chuwi Hi9 $169 Use Coupon Code: CHUWIHi9

  • The Chuwi Hi9 is the latest Tablet to feature a 2560 x 1600 pixel screen. It is also said to be a gaming Tablet by Chuwi. read more

Jumper Ezpad 6 Plus $239 Use Coupon Code: EZPAD6PLUS

  • The Chuwi Ezpad 6 Plus is a budget priced 2 in 1 convertible Tablet that features a kickstand and Intel Apollo Lake N3450 Chipet. read more

Alldocube Knote 8 $589 (promo price until March 4)

The Alldocube Knote 8, I considered to be a reboot of the Cube i9. It is perhaps the fastest and most featured Tablet from Cube. It is equipped with Kaby Lake Chipset and a 13.3 inch 2K Diamond screen with stylus support. Read more

Teclast F6 Pro $595 (price until March 3)

The Teclast F6 Pro is considered the cheaper alternative of the Cube i35 Thinker Notebook. It comes with Kaby Lake Chipset and a 1080p screen. Read more

Onda V80 $74 Use Coupon Code: V80NEW

  • The Onda V80 is currently the cheapest Sub$100 Tablet that features Android 7.0 and a 1200p FHD Screen. Read more

Jumper Ezbook 3L $239 Use Coupon Code: 3LPRO

  • The Jumper Ezbook 3L is very similar to the Teclast F7 in terms of features. In fact, it is considered an alternative

More promotions here: Coupons Page

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