Ainol BW1 3G – ultra cheap ipad mini clone

ainol bw1 3gThe Ainol BW1 3G Tablet is an ipad mini clone and full phone functionality Read more »

HDC Galaxys Tab 3 T311 – Tab 3 clone?

hdc galaxys tab 3 t311 8HDC Galaxys Tab 3 T311 is a Galaxy Tab 3 Clone that seems to be more powerful Read more »

PiPo Ultra U8T 3G

pipo ultra u8t 3g 6

The PiPo Ultra U8T 3G is a cheap but powerful tablet with built in 3G support. Read more »

Allfine Fine9 Glory – Finally 4G Tablet

allfine fine9 glory 4g 19The Allfine Fine9 Glory 4G is an awesome tablet that is equipped with a fast quad core processor, robust ram, a 1080p display and more importantly built in 4G or LTE Support. Read more »

Onda V975m – fast and eye candy

onda v975m 6The ONDA V975m is the latest addition of Budget premium tablets, comes equipped with a new and very fast CPU with Retina Display. Read more »

Chuwi VX1 – Ultra Narrow Bezel

chuwi vx1A very attractive 7.0 inch tablet that’s fast, slim and good looking, the Chuwi VX1 is equipped with the latest mt8382 Quad Core Processor and also features built in 3G Support. Read more »

Ramos i9 – Intel Tablet

ramos i9 2The Ramos i9, a cheap Intel Powered Tablet that boasts impressive performance on a budget package Read more »

Cube U30GT II – A for Awesome

cube u30gt 2

The Cube U30GT 2, a fast and very affordable 10 inch Tablet that offers a premium build, impressive performance, a gorgeous display and an all around connectivity. The tablet beats other Chinese tablets in terms of connectivity, processing power and overall value. Read more »

Homecare Fly One – nexus 7 Killer?

homecare fly one

Homecare Fly One probably is the first affordable Tegra 4 Slate Tablet, powered by the newest Tegra 4 processor coupled with a Geforce chipset which set to be another all in one multimedia device that promises blistering performance and unparallel 3D gaming performance. Read more »

PiPo M8HD Review – Superb!

pipo m8hdResembling Sony’s Book Wedge Design, the PiPO M8HD comes with a Snappy RK3188 Quad Core Processor, A Full High Definition Retina Display, built in 3G and a decent battery life, all in a budget package. Take a peak at this beautiful monster and see if this tablet is perfect for you.

Read more »