chuwi v89

Chuwi V89 – Yet another Budget Dual OS Tablet

The Chuwi V89 is a powerful but affordable tablet that features Dual OS, built in 3G and a high resolution Retina Display Continue reading

chuwi vl8 pic 10

Chuwi VL8 – Tablet Companion

The Chuwi VL8 is probably the best Tablet Companion, it offers great value for price, a 64 bit processor, FHD display, and 4G LTE with Phone Functionality. Continue reading

onda v989 air

Onda V989 Air – iPad Air Lookalike

The Onda V989 Air, with a design similar to the iPad Air. Is the latest tablet to feature the new Allwinner A80T Octa Core Processor and boasts impressive gaming capability Continue reading

isurfer pro

iSurfer Pro – Cheapest Transformer Tablet?

The iSurfer Pro as the name suggest is a look alike of Microsoft’s Surface Pro and currently one of the Cheapest Transformer Tablet that features Dual OS.
Continue reading

teclast p98 4g pic 5

Teclast P98 4G – 64bit Tablet with 4G LTE

The Teclast P98 4G is a powerful tablet powered by a robust 64 bit processor, vivid Retina Display and 4G LTE Support. Continue reading


Asus FE8030 – Moorefield

Asus latest budget tablet powered by Intel 64 bit Moorefield Processor with built in 3G. Continue reading